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After Isaac Cruz beat Rolando Romero, Oscar De La Hoya, being as blunt as he could be, told FightHype that several “young lions” were right behind Canelo Alvarez, looking for an opportunity to strike. In other words, he feared that with the rise of ferocious and skillful fighters like Cruz and Jaime Munguia, Canelo Alvarez’s reign was nearing an end.

Therefore, De La Hoya hoped for a potential passing of the torch on May 4th inside the T-Mobile Arena where Canelo locks horns with Jaime. In this regard, as he sat with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions now reiterated his views. “I think it could be the changing of the guards,” he began.

You take a look at Canelo which I respect as a fighter. But, you take a look at his career. And the decline slowly has been happening. He’s had operations on his knees, on his shoulders. He’s got over 60 fights. He started professionally when he was 15. You can see the wear and tear. You can see the decline,” De La Hoya added.


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While Helwani listened to De La Hoya, the latter was soon reminded of his fight against Julio Cesar Chavez. At the time Oscar De La Hoya entered the ring against Cesar Chavez, ‘Golden Boy’ was this young fighter who looked unstoppable and hungry. But, Chavez had 96 professional wins already and many doubted Oscar’s fate against the former. However, Oscar made Chavez bleed on the canvas, leading the doctor and referee to end the contest in the fourth round.

As per De La Hoya, Canelo Alvarez seems to now occupy the same space of a veteran that Cesar Chavez did against ‘Golden Boy’. And like a young De La Hoya who tore Cesar Chavez apart, Jaime Munguia is now expected to upset Canelo. “Munguia is 27 years old. Canelo is 35/34 years old [Alvarez is 33]. So, this could be the changing of the guards. This could be De La Hoya [and] Chavez all over again. It happens in the sport all the time. The young fighter comes in and just handles the old veteran. So, we could see that come May 4th.

Oscar De La Hoya thinks Jaime Munguia needs to study Canelo Alvarez’s footwork

Although Munguia is the younger fighter, Canelo Alvarez has his experience. In addition to being an intelligent fighter who understands timing, Canelo Alvarez can throw power with his punches to deliver a night-ending blow. However, Oscar De La Hoya wishes to have his faith in Jaime. While Canelo might be the current undisputed Super-Middleweight champion who sold out several prestigious arenas, De La Hoya feels his boxer Jaime can outbox Alvarez using his “jab and combinations“. Besides, he hopes Munguia will diligently study Canelo Alvarez’s footwork to outsmart the king at Super-Middleweight.

Look at Canelo’s footwork. Obviously, I’ve said it all along, he moves like he’s on quicksand,” said De La Hoya. “So, if you study his footwork you can easily win that fight. Every time Canelo comes forward, you know he’s going to throw something,” ‘Golden Boy’ added. With that said, do you think we should expect a memorable upset on May 4th with Canelo Alvarez’s defeat against Jaime Munguia? In your opinion, what does Jaime need to focus on to win the match? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.