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Creed III: The Movie You Can’t Afford to Miss

Published 03/05/2023, 4:19 AM EST

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Creed 3 demonstrates a constant juxtaposition of two opposing ideas throughout the film. While Adonis Creed played by Michael B. Jordan exhibits the taste of the American Dream, Damian Anderson played by Jonathan Majors depicts deprivation and the urge to chase the same dream. Lights, exposure, and the capitalist mode of production in boxing impregnate the movie.

However, with respect to the sport, the film aims towards being as realistic as it can be. Despite his athletic abilities, in no way does the movie want to portray 36-year-old Michael B. Jordan as an active champion in boxing. Thus, Jordan’s character embraces retirement at an apt time when retirement in the sport is necessary. While some may miss the appearance of Rocky, Creed 3 delivers Donnie’s daughter Amara who shows the potential to be the next best thing in boxing.


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What you will find and miss in the fight scenes and training montage in Creed III

In Creed 3, Adonis befriends Drago and wants the latter to fight Felix Chavez played by Jose Benavidez who represents the Delphi gym. Unfortunately, due to Anderson’s [played by Jonathan Majors] villainy, Drago goes out of the event as he suffers an assault and receives serious injuries. This offers Anderson an “unprecedented attempt at the world title” against Chavez and he capitalizes on it. The camera actions, the close-ups, and the slow-motion shots witnessed during the fight scenes are impressive. Jonathan Majors demonstrates skills and resembles the physique of an actual heavyweight contender in boxing.


Finally, Adonis Creed comes out of retirement after the passing away of his adoptive mother Marry-Anne Creed. By the time Creed confronts Damian in the ring, the latter has become the unified heavyweight champion in boxing. Honestly speaking, the conflict and confrontation between the two take time to build. Meanwhile, some experimental works with the camera make their way into the movie. The scene in which the crowd disappears and ‘Donnie’ and ‘Dame’ fight inside an empty stadium as they zone in is both thoughtful and impressive. However, one will wait till the very end of the final fight to listen to the immortal Rocky theme followed by the theme of Creed. 


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The training montage is underwhelming. You will definitely miss the adrenaline rush you felt in Creed 2 as Adonis Creed trained in the desert accompanied by the score Runnin’. However, in Creed 3, the brief scene in which Viktor Drago helps Creed prepare through sparring almost echoes Rocky getting trained by Apollo Creed. In addition, J. Cole with Dreamville delivers with his rhyming and beat.

His flow in Adonis Interlude [the training montage song] patiently treats disyllabic sounds, and the same, working as a motivating factor, adds excitement to the scene.

Jose Benavidez, Terence Crawford, and Tony Bellew – boxers who appear in Creed 3

Tony Bellew makes his return and helps Creed avenge his loss against him seen in the first installment of Creed. Meanwhile, Jose Benavidez’s character Felix Chavez possesses a lingering screen time in the movie, facing off with Drago and then squaring off with Damian Anderson in the ring. However, Terence Crawford, who revealed his involvement days before the movie’s release, makes a very brief appearance on the screen. On the other end, Canelo Alvarez, who was spotted in the trailer, remains unseen in the movie. Thus, it merits an admission that Creed 3 makes use of some of the biggest names in boxing only to generate mass appeal.


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Boxing has made progress over the decades and the same is reiterated in the film. So as to achieve authenticity, the use of technique takes precedence over the passion of the heart in Creed 3. As the character of Michael B. Jordan himself says slightly altering the words of Rocky, “It’s not about how hard you can hit but control and speed”. Finally, the film ends with the prospect of Amara following in her grandfather and father’s footsteps in boxing. 


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How was your experience with the movie? In addition, what do you have to say about the treatment of boxing in Creed 3?

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