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In March this year, with a little less than four weeks left for the fight against Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia weighed 154.1 lbs i.e. 14 lbs above the required weight of 140 lbs. As a result, a section of the boxing world thought ‘KingRy’ was not serious about the Haney fight for the WBC Super-Lightweight title on April 20th. However, Garcia, who has yet to come down to 140 lbs for the match, ridiculed Haney’s latest media workout.

On that note, while commenting on Garcia’s shape, Haney promised to knock out the former. But on the other hand, Garcia was confident that he would “cook” ‘The Dream’. Here is what happened.

Devin Haney makes a one-line response to Ryan Garcia ridiculing his punches


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To promote the upcoming fight on April 20th, the WBC Super-Lightweight champion Devin Haney held a media workout in Las Vegas. In the presence of Oscar De La Hoya and Bill Haney, ‘The Dream’ displayed his power and speed. However, his rival Ryan Garcia remained totally unimpressed. As a result, the 25-year-old, who organized his media workout inside trainer Derrick James‘ gym in Dallas, Texas, mocked ‘The Dream’. “Devin Haney’s media workout, that s**t was weak,” he said.

Ya’ll were hyping that up when he was hitting the body thing. I swear bro, I could teach a 12-year-old kid to hit harder. [And] I’m not even capping,” Ryan Garcia added. “Like, you bring me a 12-year-old kid, I’m gon’ make him hit way sharper than Devin Haney. I’m gonna put that motherf****r down, watch,” he concluded.

At this, after talkSPORT correspondent Michael Benson shared Garcia’s brief clip on X, Devin Haney replied saying, “Ryan still fat…Wallahi I knock him out 4/20!

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Garcia promised to retire provided Haney knocks him out in the first round of their fight. Anyway, while Haney hopes for a KO, Garcia told the media that he will “cook” ‘The Dream’.


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Ready to kick a**: ‘KingRy’ promises to make weight in time

While Devin Haney raised questions about Garcia’s weight by calling him fat, the latter said he was on his way to coming down to 140 lbs. “I’m on track to make weight – I was at around 146 yesterday and we’re continuing to train hard like we always do,” said Garcia at his media workout. And although Haney was upset about the comments Garcia made about the former’s religion, the 25-year-old said he did not regret anything he said about ‘The Dream’.

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It’s going to be light work for me. I am going to cook Devin Haney. Just another day in the office. Devin is not on my level and he will never be on my level,” Garcia added confidently. Well, on April 20th, we will see who keeps his promises. But now, what is your reaction to Haney and Garcia’s media workout? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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