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Lomachenko is like a Piranha fish, taking small bits out of its prey, piece by piece. Until there’s nothing left.” Thus described the great Teddy Atlas when Vasyl Lomachenko, defying odds, became a champion for the fourth time. He defeated George Kambosos Jr. via technical knockout last Sunday. The victory helped him secure the vacant IBF lightweight title in addition to grabbing the Australian boxer’s IBO belt.

The triumph might have allowed ‘The Matrix’ to add a few more years to his career. However, for the ‘Ferocious’, the situation appears a bit wobbly. He suffered his third career loss, and that too in front of a home crowd. But more significantly, the fight seems to have evolved into a bitterly unprofitable endeavor for Kambosos Jr., if what veteran matchmaker Rick Glaser said turns out to be true.

Vasyl Lomachenko joined the fight following his narrow defeat to Devin Haney last year. Incidentally, the year before, traveling to Australia in a span of four months, ‘The Dream’ inflicted consecutive losses on George Kambosos Jr. So, in 2023, the Australian boxer turned the tide in his favor and defeated Maxi Hughes to become the IBO lightweight champion.


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Despite the obvious advantages of height and reach, and with relative youth on his side, the ‘Ferocious’ could barely turn the tide in his favor. Completely outboxed by the two-time Olympic gold medalist, Kambosos Jr. finally submitted to the Ukrainian technician’s body shots in the eleventh round.

According to the latest tweet from the New York-based matchmaker, Rick Glaser, barely 14,000 PPV were sold during the Lomachenko-Kambosos Jr. title clash. Calling the fixture a flop, he said, “Wow, #LomaKambosos PPV that was shown just in #Australia completely flopped, doing only 14,000 PPV buys.

Empty Outcomes and a Shocking Revelation

Now, how did that happen? Glaser cited Sunday and ‘Mother’s Day as one of the critical reasons behind the lukewarm response to the match. That was not all. “And #GeorgeKambosos was solely paid off the PPV revenues, no guarantee, & nothing from the gate; #Kambosos will only make around 500 thousand!!!” He also mentioned how George Kambosos Jr., per a court ruling, needs to pay up around $350,000 that he owed to his former manager, Peter Kahn


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So in other words, “Kambosos will basically walk away with nothing!!! #Loma was not involved in the PPV revenues; he smartly received a guaranteed purse from his Promoter #TopRank. #Boxing,” said the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame inductee.

Now, that’s quite a shocking disclosure. Per the available reports, ‘Ferocious’ and ‘Loma’ would split the fight purse in a 60/40 ratio. The former will receive the majority share. So that would have meant him receiving somewhere around $5 million and the Ukrainian champion taking home $3.5 million.

In fact, one of the followers did point this out. “According to reports from boxing news outlet NY Fights, the fight purse will be split 60/40 in favor of Kambosos Jr. This means the Australian is expected to take home roughly $5 million from a total purse of approximately $9 million, while Lomachenko would receive $3.5 million,” they tweeted. But, in turn, they received a reply from Glaser, laughing out loud, “Go believe that if you desire.


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Clearly, the New York matchmaker’s unveiling sounds quite concerning. If what Glaser said stands true, then after reducing the trainer’s fee and the amounts payable to the rest of his staff, George Kambosos Jr. might go home empty-handed.

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