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‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard remains one of the boxing success stories. It’s been over two and a half decades since one of the ‘four kings’ hung his gloves. However, he continues to inspire scores of fans and followers around the world. Thanks to his strict adherence to a grueling training regimen, the Olympic gold medalist stays in tip-top condition. Through an Instagram post, he released a montage featuring his fitness program.

Undoubtedly, it more than charged up the fans. But given the phase boxing is passing through, a few couldn’t help themselves from expressing something distressing. A retired, way beyond prime, aging boxing champion; a legend trying to make his way into the ring once again.

‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard Proves That Age Is Just a Number


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Starting off the week in beast mode!!” wrote ‘Sugar Ray Leonard. The video begins with the nattily dressed former world champion executing some neat drills with the battle rope. The next shot shows him working on the pads with the trainer. Even at 68, Ray Leonard’s speed is simply at another level.

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In the following sequence, inside his gym, he could be seen striking the speed bag. Watch out for how he still manages it with relative ease. Then it was back to pad work. He threw combinations: jab, jab, right cross, left upper cut. Subsequent shots once again displayed working on the speed bag, pad work, and more pad work. It was a storied boxing journey that began during his teenage years.

Establishing his name in the amateur circuit, ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard did his country proud by winning a gold medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Turning to professional boxing in 1977, he saw his name attracting the spotlight following his first title win over Wilfred Benitez. From that point on, there was no stopping for the young boxer. Check out his accomplishments! It includes championship titles in five divisions. Then, in addition to winning lineal championships in three divisions, he became an undisputed welterweight title holder as well. Who can forget some of the epics he fought against the likes of Roberto Duran, Thomas Hearn, and Marvelous Marvin Hagler?

He’s Still Got It; Fans Agree in Unison

Most of the fans and followers had nothing but loads of admiration for the former world champion. Let’s check what some of them had to say.

This user highlighted how ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard stood out from others. He was in the end a formidable fighter, they stressed: “He was always differentiated, thick shell warrior 👏 👏 👏 🇧🇷.” Then appreciating how Ray Leonard never lost his touch, the next user found the footage very inspiring. The user specifically mentioned the way the boxing great handled the battle ropes with dexterity. “Always got the moves and will never lose them , love it @sugarrayleonard it’s inspiring and @realbendoughty SRL is even-shoe shining the battle ropes :),” the user said.

Perhaps this fan was putting it as a joke. They cautioned ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard for attempting a ring-turn à la Mike Tyson style: “Stay out the ring; dont b like Mike Tyson.” The next fan recalled the days when, infected with COVID, they were admitted to a hospital. They went through all Ray Leonard fights to spend the time. Then, thanking the living legend, the fan found it exciting to see him fighting fit even at an advanced age. “💯Nice to see Leonard up in age working out. Thanks for all the great fights. When I was in the hospital dying from COVID I watched all of Leonard’s fights,” the fan said.

Then another fan cautioned the Olympic gold medalist to stay out of any ring aspirations. He already possesses one of the greatest boxing legacies, and people across the globe recognize him. The fan said, “Please stay outside the ring, Champ; you already have legacy of boxing and people champ around the world.


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Clearly, it’s important that Ray Leonard stay hale and hearty. He needs to do it for himself. More so, because boxing needs him. But perhaps the most important reason is that fans want to look up to him and get inspired.
Even though he is no longer exchanging jabs with an opponent, the former world champion has made fighting the menace of diabetes his life mission. Through his charity, he has been raising funds and spreading awareness about the lifestyle disease. Recently, his ‘Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation hosted its thirteenth “Big Fighters, Big Cause’ charitable show.


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