Eddie Hearn Declares “War” Against Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions

Published 01/18/2024, 8:43 PM EST

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Eddie Hearn, chairperson of Matchroom Boxing, will square off against Frank Warren, the founder of Queensberry Promotions. In this regard, as per the instructions of His Excellency, the architect of Riyadh Season, the two promoters recently signed an agreement.

After signing the agreement, Hearn took to social media and declared war against Warren, believing he would taste victory. On the other hand, in reply to Hearn, although Warren wished the former luck, he confidently announced that he was in it to win it.

Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren sign an agreement for Matchroom Boxing vs. Queensberry Promotions


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At the London press conference of Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou, His Excellency Turki Alalshikh declared that he looked forward to staging two cards in 2024. On one card, he wanted the winner of Joshua vs. Ngannou to face the winner of Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk, on the other, Alalshikh desired Matchroom Boxing vs. Queensberry Promotions. “Two cards I want to do in 2024 and I want to see it. The first card is Frank against Eddie. Each one of them will choose five fighters and do a night against each other,” said Alalshikh. “Done,” said Hearn and Warren immediately in unison to Alalshikh’s proposal.

Now, only days after the London press conference, Eddie Hearn informed that the two promoters recently signed an agreement for the mentioned event. In doing so, he wrote, “The friendship lasted a few weeks but now it’s WAR! Tonight we signed an agreement to make it happen! @matchroomboxing v @Queensberry 5 v 5.” Additionally, he looked forward to victory. Following Hearn’s tweet, Warren took to X and made a confident statement too.

Warren wishes Hearn luck ahead of Matchroom vs. Queensberry

As per Alalshikh’s direction, each promoter will have to select five boxers from five different weight classes and compete against the other’s picks. However, Alalshikh has yet to confirm the weight classes that qualify for this event. Likewise, after signing the agreement with Hearn, Warren took to X and enquired His Excellency about the weight classes. In doing so, he wished Hearn luck. Additionally, the 71-year-old declared Queensberry Promotions will win the competition.


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Good luck @EddieHearn & @MatchroomBoxing!” wrote Warren. “Only one winner though and I’m sure it will be @Queensberry!” he added. With the agreement now signed, boxing fans have only to know the fighters who would compete. Well, who are the boxers you are expecting to represent the two promotions for the event? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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