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Fans Ready to ‘Skip Class’ After KSI Becomes a Media Course Topic

Published 06/08/2023, 3:16 AM EDT

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With the onset of social media, the influence of internet celebrities and social media stars has become an integral part of the world of media and entertainment. Social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, have made it possible for people to reach a new level of fame and popularity. However, as it is with all other things, there are certain people who are a level ahead of others when it comes to reach and popularity. JJ Olatunji better known as KSI is one such person. One only needs to look at PRIME‘s booming success to understand the level of influence he holds. Moreover, it even left Rock’s ZOA drink behind.

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As such word came out that KSI reached another milestone in his career. The YouTuber recently revealed surprising news that he is now part of the curriculum in A-level media courses. KSI took to Twitter to share the news with his followers. He wrote, “I’m legit one of the topics you have to study for A-level media in schools now.” Fans were left surprised, to say the least. While some fans shared their sadness about missing out on studying the topic. There are fans who are not very fond of the idea of having KSI as a topic of study.

Fans react to the news of KSI becoming a part of the academic curriculum


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The inclusion of KSI as a media course topic was applauded by some supporters who seemed happy about the inclusion of social media personalities in academics. One fan, McPepe’s jokingly wrote that he will be “studying for A level media”.

Another fan Kate lamented about the timing and was sad that KSI became a topic one year after they finished their course.


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Meanwhile, Tom Bailey was not surprised and wrote that he studied English media personalities some years ago when he was studying A-level media.

However, not everyone felt happy about the situation. MIRO wrote said that it was better for the generation to be homeschooled. He felt disappointed by the topic.

Lastly, Dylan Penner wrote that he would not attend the classes and skip the class.


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The response to the news appeared to be mixed, although JJ’s fans did appear to be very happy for YouTube. It certainly is a huge accomplishment for anyone. What do you think about the news of KSI becoming a media course topic? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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