Female Fitness Influencer Shows Off Her “Pump” in Hopes of Lifting Mike Tyson During Legend’s International Business Venture Meet and Greet 

Published 09/13/2023, 3:43 PM EDT

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Mike Tyson was a rich man who was worth almost $400 million during the heydays of his boxing career. His earnings came from his boxing matchups and the stints he did as endorsements. However, with time, his life too was subject to rapid changes. His lavish lifestyle entailed parties, booze, and other luxurious spending that cost him his fortune. In 2003, the boxer filed for bankruptcy, sending a shockwave in the boxing community. After having lost his entire life’s earnings, he paved his path toward financial stability one step at a time. And today, through his business acumen, the boxer is now worth $10 million, according to Marca.

The reputation that he built over the years was instrumental in starting over again. But to make something that would last and yield more profits, the boxer had to tap into potential avenues. One such opportunity was cannabis. An entire brand based on it, the fighter has interestingly harnessed the opportunities cannabis held and the name he made to make some big bucks. And now, his business venture might get an extra push after it gets a nod from a renowned influencer.

Mike Tyson and a fitness influencer in Amsterdam – a deadly combination


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The legendary heavyweight boxer launched his cannabis brand in the year 2021 in collaboration with Chad Bronstein. Named, ‘Tyson 2.0’, it is the fastest-growing brand in the country. With a plethora of products in its portfolio, the brand has generated a substantial amount of revenue in recent years. Leveraging the success of this brand, Tyson further established a café in the heart of Amsterdam.

Coffeeshop TYSON 2.0 is the boxer’s grand debut in the European world. The space is a celebration of his brand value and the offerings he has to provide via cannabis and lifestyle products. In a bid to further the clout of this establishment, Tyson will be undertaking a session of meet-and-greets with his dear fans at the location. Tyson will visit the cafe on the 13th of September.


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Generally, such celebrity meet-and-greets are attended by notable fans and major influencers who can cross-pollinate their followers with celebrities. Tyson’s little event at his cafe will perhaps do the same. A fitness influencer, Alisha Gra took to her Instagram stories to talk about the moment she could potentially meet Tyson. Flexing her insane pump after a probable gym sesh, the influencer said that she remains excited to meet the boxer. She further said she’d love to fulfill her dream to “lift up” the former world champion.

She said, “Getting the pump in the hope that I can make my dream come true to lift up @miketyson at the @coffeeshoptyson tomorrow.” 

The director of the cafe welcomed Tyson to the venue. Eduard Kempel in a press release, said, “We’re thrilled to welcome Mike Tyson to Coffeeshop Tyson 2.0 in Amsterdam. His passion for the cannabis industry resonates deeply with our city’s rich history and culture. I’ve witnessed our community and international visitors’ excitement since we opened just over four months ago. Prepare for an event unlike any other.”


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The CEO of the space vividly described why Mike’s arrival at the event was so crucial. He said, “Mike Tyson’s influence and rise to superstardom in the boxing world was unprecedented, and his transition and growth in the cannabis industry has been just as remarkable to watch,” 

A marketing event at its best, this meet-and-greet is anticipated to give the business that extra push it needs to reach a wider audience. As Mike Tyson is set to participate in this event for his fans, it will be interesting to see who attends it.


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What are your thoughts on the big meet-and-greet of Coffeeshop TYSON 2.0? Let us know in the comments section below.

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