15-YO Mike Tyson Knocking Out 25-YO Boxer in Amateurs Makes Olympic Medalist Raise the Burning Question

Published 12/28/2023, 12:28 PM EST

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A 15-year-old fighter stepped into the ring with the rage and fervor of a troubled teenager and the discipline and calm of a seasoned fighter. Just within seconds, the match ended with his opponent on the floor. Mike Tyson might have made his professional debut at the age of 18 but he has been knocking out boxers since much before.

Trying to prove himself against brutal bullies, Tyson had experienced enough jail time for a 13-year-old when Cus D’Amato took him in to give his anger a direction. Tony Jeffries, the Olympic medalist has broken down what gave ‘Iron’ Mike the upper hand in his fight against a much older opponent.

How and why did Mike Tyson fight older opponents?


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In a resurfaced clip that Jeffries posted on his Instagram, Tyson could be seen fighting a 25-year-old boxer. Despite Tyson’s short stature, his impressive muscularity and strength were evident from an early age, prompting him and his team to falsify his age to ensure more competitive matches against older opponents. Not many of his peers could match the 200-pound Tyson.

“Watch this again, look at Mike Tyson’s firework. He doesn’t get enough credit for his footwork. He’s on his toes. He’s moving his head and then he lands a big power hook.” said Jeffries, drawing attention to Tyson’s peek-a-boo technique. Tyson’s stance helps him move forward and to the sides stealthily but not so much backwards. Not an issue since he barely ever moved backwards. His defence is just as good as his jabs. Contrary to the traditional manner of dodging, Tyson’s style gives him a faster movement, enabling him to dodge any punch that comes his way. Who do you think matches this style of the legend?


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Is Gervonta Davis the new-age Mike Tyson?

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Tyson addressed comparisons with Gervonta Davis, expressing his appreciation for the lightweight’s abilities. Tyson drew parallels between their fighting styles, noting Davis’ explosive entry into opponents, likening it to a gunshot.

Despite conventional wisdom suggesting diminished power in mid-air, Tyson and Davis, with their grounded sturdiness, defy this norm. “I understood them now when they say he fights like Mike Tyson ’cause he flies through the air which is normally bad positioning, you have no power in the air. But, for him and myself, our stoutness to the ground, as I said before, catapults us like being shot like a bow and arrow and the force is unstoppable.” said Tyson. Davis might have a few doubts about this though.


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This is not all. The two share many other similarities other than just their preferred manner of boxing. Both the fighters have served their time in prison and converted to Islam after it. They both struggled with a difficult childhood as well, finding refuge in the gym. No wonder Tyson finds a glimpse of himself in the young pugilist.


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Tyson’s legacy is unparalleled. What Tyson achieved during his teenage years is still a dream for most up-and-coming fighters today. The intense discipline and grit are inspiring. Who according to you holds the potential to come close to what Tyson has achieved?

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