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The Greatest aka Muhammad Ali would always say, “We can’t be brave without fear.” I am a Boxing author at EssentiallySports and was first drawn to the boxing gym when a friend of mine came to meet me with her hand wraps still on. After arranging enough resources, I joined the gym and eventually tried my hand at MMA as well. A challenging sparring session always left me slightly bruised but happy. I have always enjoyed watching a good fight. Watching Mike Tyson demonstrate what rigorous and disciplined training can achieve motivates me to this day. Amanda Nunes is another beast that I look up to. My coverage of Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou received considerable appreciation as many unknown facets of these entities had been brought to light. Though I could not continue my training in boxing, I have kept myself busy and active through dancing. Outside the ring, I currently train in jazz and hip-hop.

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