Floyd Mayweather Exposes a Lavish Room Kept Secret for Years, Leaves Fans Jaw-Dropped: “Got All This From Punching People in the Head”

Published 04/10/2024, 6:36 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a new update, or shall we say old news that was never revealed before? Besides his jet-setting lifestyle that has become a byword for luxury and extravagance that his fans are already familiar with, his Instagram handle shared a clip revealing a private and cozy retreat. Till now, as it appears, he hasn’t really spoken much about it.

Mani-pedi and a movie, the life of a former champ

With a reported net worth that hovers in the vicinity of half a billion dollars, the former undefeated champion frequently shares videos taken at exotic locales across the globe and snapshots of goods and items that are the best that money can buy. But many were quick to get swooned over the spacious and warm hideaway.


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The former five-division champion wrote, “I like to call this Movie Spa, something I’ve been doing for years, but now I’m revealing it to the world.

It’s difficult to ascertain the name of the movie he was watching. But its sound seemingly gained an amplifying effect in an empty hall. The camera shifts from the screen to the couch (the middle one) some two or three rows away from the screen, where Mayweather Jr. is sitting and relaxing.

Though his face is not visible, it is apparent that he is enjoying the movie, all the while receiving mani-pedi from two assistants. The blue ambiance lighting only made the experience sweeter than ever!

Just last month, the undefeated former champion took followers on a roller-coaster journey across the globe. On his annual world tour, Mayweather Jr and his team visited places such as Israel and India. Fans saw him playing cards on the famed TGV rail system in France. Another clip featured him enjoying the world-famous hot springs in Iceland. The list just went on. However, for now, fans seem to not take the post, which is a representative of overt luxury, all that well.

Floyd Mayweather Jr seen in the lap of luxury and fans have mixed feelings about it 

In the latest post, many commented, stating that Mayweather Jr should desist from posting such messages and that it’s pointless to flaunt wealth. But there were many others who came up in his support instead. Lauding the undefeated former champion, this user stated that he made his riches by using his two fists, a journey that started when boxing gloves were fitted into his hands while he was just a toddler. “This man obtained all of his wealth with his two fists. That’s a hard hustle. He deserves all his pleasantries in retirement,” said the user.

An 84-6 amateur record holder had the following achievements before he even entered the pro field on Oct 11, 1996:

  • 3 Michigan Golden Gloves titles,
  • 3 National Golden Gloves titles,
  • PAL and National Championships
  • 1 Bronze medal in the 1996 Olympics (Atlanta)

The bad blood between Floyd’s mother and father and the history of violence is well documented, including how Floyd Sr held his 2-year-old son as a human shield in an attempt when his mother’s brother held them at gunpoint. In an interview with Daily News, Floyd Mayweather dropped a nugget about his childhood, “I don’t remember him ever taking me anywhere or doing anything that a father would do with a son, going to the park or to the movies or to get ice cream.”

It looks like Mayweather isn’t missing out on providing everything to his son. When a fan said that he “Love this guy; he make me motivated to push you forward,” they aren’t wrong about how he has completely turned his life around.  Another fan noted, “”Bro got all this from punching people in the head.


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But this user quipped that Floyd Mayweather Jr. might have to get into another exhibition fight. That will enable him to afford fancy theaters—the kind that shows him in lavish surroundings. The follower said, “Floyd bouta do another exhibition to afford these home theaters.

To continue with boxing, there remains uncertainty over his next campaign. Last year, after the non-scoring bout against Aaron Chalmers, Floyd Mayweather Jr. faced John Gotti III. The match ended in the most controversial fashion. There were talks of a rematch between the two. Then, beginning this year, rumors of a rematch with former opponent Manny Pacquiao also gained momentum.


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