Floyd Mayweather Investments: Real Reason He Still Has Billionaire Status While Most Athletes Go Broke

Published 02/12/2024, 10:52 AM EST

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A thick gold chain, bundles of cash in his pockets, and a cap that says ‘TBE’ or ‘The Best Ever’. This has been the persona of Floyd Mayweather Jr., who walks around with money suitcases. While sports superstars struggle to put their hefty paychecks to good use, he has cashed in on his fortunes and continues to build his portfolio. So what has the American done right to stand tall on a business empire despite quitting boxing professionally in 2017?

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‘Money’ dedicated his whole life to boxing, and he had only one goal. To provide for his family and leave them in a comfortable position. After he bought his freedom from Bob Arum by opting out and venturing on his own in 2006, he made over $700 million in the squared circle. The former world champion’s fight with Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor earned him 550 million alone, which he invested smartly in and avoided a fate akin to Mike Tyson.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Winning outside the ring with smart investments


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Besides racking up hundreds of millions by throwing punches, Floyd Mayweather Jr. diversified his revenue resources. He has expanded his investment and made money by investing in various businesses and startups, including Uber and JetSmarter. In addition, the boxer-turned-promoter realized early the importance of cryptocurrency, and his crypto investments are said to be worth $50 million currently.

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Similarly, Mayweather Jr.’s NFT investment evaluation is around $15 million. Additionally, ‘Pretty Boy’ has ventured into industries the fans wouldn’t have imagined him to be in. Keeping up with his extravagant lifestyle, he launched Bon Argent Brut, an exclusive champagne brand, and Good Money Canadian Whisky in October 2023. Recently, he also stepped into the vaping industry and gave life to Mayweather Vapes. However, there is one industry that is pumping more money into his bank accounts.


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Real estate and a billion-dollar dream

The Michigan native earned almost $1.1 billion from his boxing career and believes he can earn the same amount from the real estate industry. He has in the past partnered with the CGI Merchant Group on a $650 million project, and that speaks volumes. With more investments coming up, Mayweather Jr. is ready to make almost $300 million a month.

“In 36 months of course, with one of my new investments, I would make $300 million a month. Just real estate. I’m heavy on real estate even though I got my own liquid,” Mayweather Jr. announced, shedding light on his upcoming partnershipNotably, he owns nine NYC skyscrapers and is a major player in NY real estate projects. And that’s not the only area he is dominating, as he did in boxing.

Venturing deep in sports: Mayweather Promotions and NASCAR

While Mayweather Jr. has quit boxing professionally, he has embraced the promoter’s role. His ‘Mayweather Promotions’ amasses millions, setting up fights and leveraging his business acumen to make the most of the opportunities. Fighters like Rolando Romero fight under his banner and race for the bigger prize.

Likewise, Mayweather Jr. started his own NASCAR team, ‘The Money Team’, and it debuted in the 2022 Daytona 500. Calling it a perfect fit for his brand, Mayweather Jr. wants to enjoy the fast, pacy thrill of NASCAR. He is also mindful of the adult entertainment industry, as suggested by his 2017 venture.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Vegas-based The Girl Collection and Skate Rock City

Mayweather’s Las Vegas-based strip club called Girl Collection opened its doors to customers in 2017 and soon found its mention as “Las Vegas’ Best Gentleman’s Club” on vegasgoodlife.com. Meanwhile, he also purchased a roller disco in 2021 and named it Skate Rock City. The likes of Terence Crawford have visited and enjoyed some time off from training in the family-oriented venture.

Leveraging the Mayweather legacy in the fitness industry


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Where do all these investments lead to? Does Floyd Mayweather Jr. have a plan? It seems Mayweather Fitness Holdings is the next big thing coming from the former boxer. The company is reshaping the fitness landscape, and it intends to launch Mayweather-branded nutritional supplements.

The other services from the investment include XR/mobile gaming and even sports equipment, including boxing gloves. Mayweather Fitness & Boxing also falls under this umbrella, which has over 100 franchise locations and revenue that has already exceeded $35 million. Therefore, Mayweather Jr. has developed his brand image and is the epitome of ‘money makes money’ as he never put his eggs in one basket and kept on expanding his portfolio strategically.


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What do you make of Floyd Mayweather’s smart approach to the business that led to his success? Let us know in the comments below.

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