Who’s better? The question is back for the fans to brood on. Only this time, boxing’s own moneyman Floyd Mayweather Jr. pitted against another bona fide great, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. Happy Punch’s poster, since the time it came yesterday evening, has been picking up steam.

The post, which has photographs of both legends with their respective records, asks, “Which record is more impressive?” It didn’t take long for followers on both sides to assert the greatness of their boxing icons.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Julio Cesar Chavez: Grappling with Boxing Greatness


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With fifty wins and no losses, Floyd Mayweather Jr. belongs to that elite list of boxing champions who retired undefeated. He secured 23 lineal title wins. Over the years, he defeated 24 former or current world title holders, dispatching 7 of those via knockouts.

Legacy apart, Mayweather Jr. has the distinction of participating in five of the highest-grossing fights in the sport’s history. It includes the nearly half-billion-dollar money spinner ‘The Fight of the Century’ against another great Manny Pacquiao.

At the other end of the spectrum stands Julio Cesar Chavez. Pound-for-pound, Boxrec ranks him seventeenth among the all-time best boxers. The Ring magazine considers him eighteenth among the 80 best boxers of the last eighty years. Beginning his career in 1980, Cesar Chavez went on to become a champion in three divisions. Among his notable achievements, along with Omar Narvaez of Argentina, he holds the record for the most title defenses. He successfully defended his titles 27 times.

But the fact for which most diehards remember Julio Cesar Chavez remains that he was on an eighty-nine-match winning streak before posting his first career loss to Frankie Randall.

A cursory look revealed the challenge of determining which boxer’s supporters had the upper hand in the comment box.

Rumble in the Forum

A few fans appeared spellbound by how Cesar Chavez maintained an unparalleled, unbeaten run. But then some pointed out the sheer number of big names Floyd Mayweather Jr. went against.

For instance, this user pointed out how the Mexican great had defeated every champion he came across in his prime.

For the next follower, despite his liking for Mayweather Jr., he couldn’t ignore Cesar Chavez’s winning spree. Additionally, they highlighted that while the American champion went about managing his career efficiently, for Cesar Chavez, it was nothing short of blood and sweat.

According to the next user, Mayweather Jr. had beaten more world champion boxers in just fifty fights.

However, for the next user, what mattered the most was the fact that Julio Cesar Chavez never cherry-picked his fights.

Then, to this follower, the Mexican icon might have an upper hand in terms of sheer numbers, but the truth remains that most of the time he fought against journeymen, barely known fighters.


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It’s apparent that the debate will continue unabated for some time. As the saying goes, style makes fights. Floyd Mayweather Jr. excelled in the defensive sphere. On the other hand, Julio Cesar Chavez secured nearly 80% of his wins through knockouts.

An open fight between the two legends could have settled the argument a long time ago. However, by the time Julio Cesar Chavez hung his gloves, Floyd Mayweather Jr. started peaking. But in the end, the fact remains that both boxers belong to different eras. In a previous instance, when asked who would win, Julio Cesar Chavez posited that he could have beaten Mayweather Jr. had the fight taken place at either 135 or 140 pounds. Had it been any other weight class, then he would have had a tough time.

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Where do you stand on the debate? Please share your views with us in the comments below.

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