“Former Face of Boxing Didn’t Want to Step Up”: Bill Haney Takes Sly Dig at Gervonta Davis While Contemplating Settling for Ryan Garcia as the Next Opponent

Published 12/25/2023, 4:21 PM EST

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Ryan Garcia, following his recent victory over Oscar Durate, is reportedly eyeing his next challenge against Devin Haney. Bill Haney, Devin’s father, is actively pursuing negotiations for a fight against Gervonta Davis. But Garcia’s recent social media post suggests that talks for a matchup between Haney and Garcia are already underway. At least that’s a clip of Bill Haney suggests.

In the post, shared by Fight Hub TV, Bill Haney has shared a positive reaction to Garcia’s contest with his son. He talked about moving on from Gervonta Davis and trying to put their focus on his son’s fight with Garcia. Moreover, in his statements, Bill Haney seemed to be taking some serious digs at Gervonta Davis.

Bill Haney wants to move on with Ryan Garcia now


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Bill Haney has been calling out ‘Tank’ for the past few days now. However, he was unable to get any solid response from the boxer. While, on the other hand, Garcia shared that he had made the move and contacted Haney’s team to set up a fight between the two. This was even substantiated by Haney himself on X, as he wrote, “These are facts.

So, even Bill Haney now seems to be interested in a fight with ‘King Ry’. “If Mr. Gervonta Davis was serious and he actually want to fight then we could make it happen. I think I’ve been everywhere talking about it. Ryan Garcia has raised his hand, and he looks like he might be the person to become next opponent for Devin. The former face of boxing didn’t want to step up and accept the challenge, so now we gotta move on,” he said while taking a dig at Tank.

However, Ryan Garcia’s father believes that the way Bill Haney approached Davis was not the right way to go about it. He even advised him on the right thing that could have been done.

Ryan Garcia’s father’s advice to Bill Haney


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Henry Garcia has expressed concerns about the negotiation dynamics between Devin Haney’s team and Gervonta Davis for a potential fight. According to Garcia, the initial interactions have been strained, with particular emphasis on Bill Haney’s comments being perceived as hostile. Henry Garcia suggested that this approach might hinder honest and effective negotiations.

He stated, “The thing is this bro, you never upset a fighter prior to anything. You don’t want to do that because you’re like saying, ‘Hey man you’re full of this, you’re a piece of this and you’re a piece of that but can you let me in for a moment so we can have dinner?’” So, according to his father, Bill Haney should’ve used a kinder approach if he really wanted Davis to agree to their terms of the fight.


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However, Bill Haney had always condescended Davis to provoke a response from the opponent, which did not really happen in this place. What do you think? Should Bill Haney change his approach? Tell us in the comments section.

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