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The online feud between Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather Jr. seems to be going through twists and turns. In the latest episode, an Instagram post from Mayweather Jr. seemingly irked the WBC lightweight champion to dash off an angry, expletive-laden response. The Baltimorean is planning a return with a title defense against Frank Martin.

Apparently, the post from Mayweather Jr. seems to speculate whether the fight with ‘The Ghost’ is still on or not. It might be an instance of the undefeated former champion taking a dig at his former mentee. Both the legend and the current superstar of boxing have been involved in a much-publicized beef that has witnessed an array of back-and-forths between the two over the last couple of weeks. It didn’t take much time for ‘Tank’ to read the riot act to his former promoter.

Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather Jr.: For now, a jab for a jab


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As it appears, trouble reportedly erupted at the Baltimorean’s end when he must have chanced upon ‘The Money’ post. With the word “CANCELLED” splashed across the fight-card snapshot of Gervonta Davis and Frank Martin, the message from the former world champion read, “This is sad; hopefully this is just a rumor.

But the WBA lightweight champion would have none of it. However, it seems, per the usual practice of the champion, the post has been deleted. However, a screenshot reveals what he reportedly said.

This ni**a such a hater…he said some sh*t cancel, and that’s not true! NI**A THIS MY SH*IT NOW! Keep talking, and I’ll pull up to ya house now and lay hands on you and some other sh*t!” wrote Gervonta Davis. Separately through his X/Twitter account, the world champion, laughing out loud, said, “You see how much Floyd a hater.” Apparently, one of the users shared a screen grab of the deleted Instagram post.


From 2015 until the time he took down Rolando Romero, Gervonta Davis fought under the Mayweather Promotions banner. However, the lightweight champion and the former five-division title holder soon decided to part ways. The separation seemingly went by amicably. In fact, the whole Mayweather machine was by Davis’ side when they went against Ryan Garcia last year.

Battling Head-On

But things started going downhill thereafter. Reportedly, the 29-year-old Baltimorean was unhappy when his access to the Las Vegas-based Mayweather Gym became limited. However, it wasn’t until this year that the terms between the two took a downturn.


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Vexed over some of Mayweather Jr.’s comments on new-age boxers, Gervonta Davis took to social media, highlighting the reported financial distress the former champion faced and the reason behind his stay-back in Dubai. In an Instagram story, he said, ““N**** say all this bull**** but in Dubai and can’t leave becuz he been taking n***** money and not doing what they paid him to do…n**** a f****** hater.” In response, ‘Money’ shared videos that featured “Tank’ dancing, adding, “We always knew he had sugar in his tank.”


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The rift witnessed a cameo from 50 Cent as well. Apparently, the rap legend and the boxing champion share a past when they used to be friends. Fans would be eagerly looking for a response from Mayweather Jr. Interestingly, in an interview, one of the names that found a mention in ‘Tank’ Davis’ ‘6-7 fight hit list was that of the undefeated former champion and boxing great.

What’s your take on the latest row between Davis and Mayweather Jr.? Why do you think the later would have posted such a message on fight cancellation? Or why would ‘Tank’ delete his message?