Tempers often flare up during the pre-fight events of combat sports. By and large, most don’t run out of control, and even in particular situations, the presence of efficient security helps in diffusing the situation quickly. However, there are times when things go haywire. Fans and followers came across such an instance. They saw a clip from a bare-knuckle boxing fight weigh-in where one of the fighters slapped his opponent, busy having a fruit.

Happy Punch shared the report in a post that read, “Slapped the potassium out of him.” Netizens wasted no time in responding back. The event was ‘BYB (Back Yard Brawl) 25: Brawl on the Bay’. The fight for the light heavyweight championship between Cub Hawkins and Ryan Jett headlined the show that occurred the day before yesterday in Tampa, Florida’s Florida State Fairgrounds.

The footage shows both Hawkins and Jett coming face-to-face, with a facilitator standing in between. But the situation changed when, the moment they came close, Jett slapped Hawkins with his left hand. The latter had been having a banana at the time. Because of the slap, a piece of the fruit flung back towards the ring girls holding the championship belt. Subsequently, revealing the reasons behind his action, Ryan Jett said, “He thought he was going to smash a banana in my face; he really think I’m sweet and I’m soft, and I ain’t going for it, and I was going to chill.


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Thankfully, the facilitator and probably Jett’s team member intervened on time and prevented the two from going at each other. Fans can hear the officiating in-charge advising Hawkins, “Calm, calm, calm…don’t blow your chances.

The ‘Brawl on the Bay’ reportedly featured over half a dozen fights. Barring two, the rest of the fights ended via early stoppages. Per the available reports, Cub Hawkins was lined up against Chad Kelly. However, the fight had to be cancelled as the latter reportedly pulled himself out of the fight.

Bare Knuckle Boxing: Banana Proved Costly

The tagline of the Happy Punch post gave many an opportunity to take a dig at the incident. Meanwhile, a few voiced their concern that sharing such happenings shouldn’t happen. Fighters indulging in such practices should pay a penalty, some opined.

The following user teased how, as a result of the slap’s impact, the banana that Cub Hawkins was having flew towards one of the ring girls standing behind.

But the next user questioned the slapping fighter’s move. What was the need to slap when all he could do was indulge in trash to his heart’s fill? The user asked.

This follower, echoing similar sentiments, highlighted how such risky behavior could put the fight and all the promotional activities in jeopardy.

However, the next two users brought to light what eventually happened when the two met in the ring. This follower pointed out how the fighter who slapped got punished for his disrespectful behavior.

Likewise, this follower called attention to the conclusion in the ring. Cub Hawkins chastised Ryan Jett for his cheeky conduct.


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Time and again, fans and followers have flagged how brazen behavior such as the one above, where fighters resort to violence before the actual contest, might not serve any purpose at all. Instead, if it leads to an injury, then there is a chance of the fight facing cancellation.

Eventually, as it happened, the fight between Cub Hawkins and Ryan Jett came to a stop after the ring physician’s review. With the latest triumph, Hawkins’ bare-knuckle boxing record now stands at 5 wins against 1 loss. It would be the year’s second consecutive victory for the 26-year-old. For Jett, with the third professional loss, his record now stands at 3 wins against 3 reversals in the gloves-free boxing genre.

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What’s your take from the reactions? Should attacking opponents during pre-fight events be considered outlawed? Please share your views with us in the comments below.

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