“He Is Losing Millions in Poker Games, Baby Mama and Child Support Cheques”: Bryce Hall Brands Ryan Garcia “Crybaby” for Threatening to Sue Him

Published 02/15/2024, 6:08 AM EST

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Ryan Garcia recently engaged in a war of words on social media with Bryce Hall. The story pertains to Garcia’s father Henry Garcia having a long-standing bone of contention with the TikTok sensation for quite some time now. Now, the verbal warfare between Garcia and Hall referenced past hostility. More than two years have passed since Hall was coached by Garcia’s father for the Austin McBroom fight.

Nonetheless, Ryan Garcia went a step further and threatened to sue Bryce Hall for not paying the money due to his father for shouldering coaching responsibilities. The escalation of tensions between the boxing sensation and the TikTok star has stirred the curiosity of fans. Furthermore, this sparked debates and discussions across various social media platforms.

Bryce Hall is still open to repaying Ryan Garcia’s father


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Bryce Hall faced both victory and defeat in the boxing ring. Despite a setback against Austin McBroom in an exhibition match during the YouTubers vs. TikTokers event, Hall rebounded with a win in a bare-knuckle boxing bout. But Hall claimed he didn’t receive the payment for the McBroom fight for the next two years. So, when he got paid a “little” of what was promised , he contacted Garcia to ask to which account he should send the money. Hall said, “And big shocker, Ryan Garcia never told me where to send the money.”


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Still, Garcia made a post on X where he wrote, “F*** you, you owe my dad money we have been trying to serve you wassup. Stop dodging foreeal.” So, in response now, Hall made a video saying, “Now, here we are, 3 years later, he’s complaining about the money that I never sent but I’m still asking him and I asked him again privately 2 days ago, where do I send the money and again I got no response.” After this, he revealed that he’s surprised that Garcia, who earns in millions, is ready to sue him just for $10,ooo.

Furthermore, he deduced, “He’s losing millions in poker games in Los Angeles, he has baby mamma cheques, child support cheques. I get it. I get that any amount of money counts with someone who’s losing as much as he is.” Notably, he also posted on X yesterday regarding the matter, where he uttered the same things, but then he made this video again to put his point across more clearly.


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Nevertheless, Hall is ready to pay Garcia’s father the full amount as he stated, “I’m saying I’ll send you the money, you just gotta tell me where to send the f***ing money. And in conclusion, that’s why Ryan Garcia is the biggest crybaby fighter on this planet.” So, will Garcia send him the details? Well, it remains to be seen how this feud gets settled. What do you think about the ongoing beef between Garcia and Hall? Tell us in the comments section.

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