“He Wants That Mayweather Payday”: After Turning Down a 17-Year-Old Prospect, World Champion Calling Out Floyd Mayweather Causes a Stir in Boxing World

Published 08/16/2023, 2:54 AM EDT

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Floyd Mayweather recently proposed to the 35-year-old WBA featherweight champion, Leigh Wood, a potential title defense against his 17-year-old prospect, Curmel Moton. According to “good businessman” Mayweather, should Wood wish to accept the offer, ‘TBE’ would “put all the money up for both sides“. In his opinion, the potential bout against Wood will be nothing short of a chance “to be great” when 17-year-old Moton is “destined to be great,” in Mayweather’s words.

However, in his reply to Floyd Mayweather’s proposal, Leigh Wood declared that he would rather face ‘TBE’ himself given that he is closer to his age. “@FloydMayweather, You’re closer to my age than your prospect is to me. I’ll give a few lbs away to dance with a great,” wrote Leigh Wood. After Wood turned down Mayweather’s “good match” proposal, several fans took to Twitter to voice their opinion.

Fans contemplate a big pay-check as Leigh Wood calls out Floyd Mayweather in lieu of the latter’s prospect


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Initially, Mayweather claimed that his 126-pounder would be a good match for Wood. Likewise, he announced, “Our guy is 0-0, we’ll take the fight. My guy’s 17, he’s destined to be great. Remember I told you that.” However, contrary to Mayweather’s expectations, Wood suggested a fight against Mayweather himself. In his last appearance in the ring, Mayweather fought John Gotti III in an exhibition fight. Is it possible that Mayweather would share the ring with Wood in yet another exhibition fight now that the latter has suggested a potential contest? Well, here is what the fans are saying:

According to one, “He [Wood] wants that Mayweather payday“.

According to one, Wood deserves a sturdy payday after “years of graft” in the sport.

On the other hand, a fan wondered why the Featherweight champion would want to face an unknown amateur in a title defense. “It’s the most lose-lose proposition of all lose-lose propositions lol,” they added.

Meanwhile, one is of the opinion that Curmel would defeat Wood in the ring.


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However, one thought Wood was “scared” of losing to a 17-year-old prospect. Likewise, they believe Wood issued Mayweather a challenge.


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Well, what do you make of Leigh Wood calling out Floyd Mayweather instead of accepting a title defense against Mayweather’s prospect? In addition, do you think Wood is likely to offer Mayweather his next exhibition fight in the game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. For all the latest boxing updates, follow EssentiallySports.

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