“He’s Gonna Shoot You”: Mike Tyson Humbles Guest for Downplaying “Rage” of Legendary Rapper Tupac Shakur

Published 05/02/2023, 2:16 PM EDT

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The 56-year-old former Heavyweight boxer, well known for his knockout power, has always had a knack for hip-hop music. Mike Tyson has always tried to maintain a great relationship with rappers. He was never too aloof from pop culture even when he was dedicatedly devoted to boxing. He even had an amicable relationship with the late famous rapper, Tupac Shakur. Tupac and Tyson both came from the streets of New York, their friendship was publicly revealed when Tyson was imprisoned and Tupac went to pay him a visit. At that moment, even the inmates were shocked to see the two entities talking to each other.

Even today, Mike Tyson keeps on inviting many rappers as a guest on his podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. He’s had The Game, Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, and many great hip-hop artists on his show. Well, recently the famous comedian, Tommy Davidson came up on his podcast and went too ahead of himself when talking about Tupac. As a result, Tyson intercepted him in between and humbled him.

Mike Tyson gives a reality check about Tupac to Tommy Davidson


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The co-host of the show, DJ Whoo Kid asked Tommy Davidson about his interaction with Tupac. At that time, he stated that he didn’t have a lot of confrontations with Tupac as they didn’t meet that much. But he shared an incident with the hosts when Tupac came to do a show with the comedian. And at that time, Davidson found out that Tupac doesn’t actually behave like a gangster, according to his persona.

Davidson said, “He was just so sweet, you know when I met he was like, ‘Hey Mr. Davidson, you know I really respect what you’re doing,’ and blah blah. I didn’t- he didn’t come over, ‘yeah what’s up cuz?‘” At that Tyson stated that this is solely because Davidson didn’t catch an attitude with the rapper.


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And then as a joke, Davidson uttered that Tupac is a smaller man than him and he could have taken him on in a fight, because of his techniques. Tyson said, “Oh but- and rage is bigger than everybody in here. Rage.

But then Davidson still believed he could put down Tupac with his technique, at that time, he said, “He gon’ shoot you, man, what’re you talking about technique? Oh, we know he’s gonna shoot you, he ain’t gonna fight you.” Tommy couldn’t control his laughter after what Tyson said.

To the uninitiated, Tupac even paid a visit to Tyson during his prison time and even received a letter from Tupac’s mom while in prison. Moreover, Tyson also holds himself accountable for Tupac’s death. Because it happened on the night after Tyson knocked out Bruce Seldon.

Tyson feels guilty about Tupac’s death

Tupac attended Mike Tyson’s fight against Bruce Seldon on September 7, 1996. Now Tyson made a comeback after 4 years and was already cruising through every fighter he was facing. Before Seldon, he defeated Frank Bruno six months ago, and he had also stopped Buster Mathis Jr and Peter McNeeley. Now at first, it was scheduled to happen on July 13th, but then it was postponed as Tyson had bronchitis and he wasn’t in the condition to fight.


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Now Mike Tyson asked Tupac to attend his fight as he wanted to do his ring walk on one of Tupac’s songs, so he even asked to bring the CD of the song. And when after the fight, he was leaving the MGM Grand, he caught himself in a brawl, and on that night, Tupac was shot six times.


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Mike Tyson revealed in an interview that he feels guilty because of this whole situation, as he forced him to attend his fight. And if he could have stayed with Tupac, it may have been prevented. But he had to go meet his newborn daughter and his baby mama who asked him to stay that night, which is why he wasn’t there with his friend. Do you think Tyson should feel guilty about this? Let us know in the comments section.

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