Floyd Mayweather Jr. and John Gotti III just finished their extraordinary exhibition bout. The result? The bout was waved off by the referee during the 6th round of the matchup. Throughout the fight, Mayweather delivered what he promised – pure unadulterated entertainment. Much like his other exhibition bouts, Mayweather’s skill level appeared to be too high above Gotti’s. From the get-go of the fight, it was clear who had the upper hand. Moreover, ‘Money’ Mayweather even appeared to be playful with Gotti as he landed punch after punch on Gotti in the starting round.

This even led the commentators to wonder if the fight will go the distance. After all, it didn’t, however, for whole other reasons than what the commentators speculated at the time. Throughout the fight, Gotti appeared to be holding back from throwing punches and only found his bravado towards the later stages of the fight. Moreover, he also got punished twice by Floyd for getting distracted and looking at the referee in the middle of the fight.

He took two solid punches to his face for his mistake. Amid the frustration, the referee had seen enough, as he stopped the fight after being unable to separate the two fighters. The bout ended as the fighters refused to listen to the referees’ instructions about trash-talking.


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This led to Gotti attacking Mayweather, and soon after all hell broke loose. Both Gotti and Mayweather’s team went at each other. However, it was clear that Mayweather’s team had a bigger number advantage and Gotti’s team was squished in the corner. Mayweather had a triumphant smile on his face as he sat on the top of the corner pad.

WATCH: Referee stoppage and the post-fight brawl

The fight broke out twice, and it only stopped after Gotti’s team raised their hands as a sign of surrender. Fans went wild after witnessing such a scene. Moreover, they felt frustrated at Referee Kenny Bayless for stopping the fight prematurely for excessive trash-talking. One fan named Jack Kelly pointed out that Gotti got “clocked” when he went at Mayweather.

Another fan named Thomas Aurèle called it “Embarrassing!!”

Meanwhile, Lumberjack Brock jokingly questioned, “Why didn’t Gotti do that earlier?! lmao”

Another fan named Vinny was confused about the situation as they shared the screenshot of the masses of men in the corner of the ring.


However, PapaGeorgio wrote that referee Bayless need to retire and that he started an “unnecessary brawl.”

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A user named Danny wrote, “Did not expect a big fight to break out in the ring,” as he shared the video of the brawl.


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One user simply wrote, “All hell just broke loose in the ring.”


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Furthermore, it seems Gotti meant when he said that he would come with “bad intentions” and ‘it’s kill or be killed’. What do you think about the stoppage of Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti? In addition, what’s your take on the post-fight brawl? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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