“How Many Excuses Are Y’all Gonna Make for This Man”: Fans Blast Deontay Wilder as His Trainer Blames Ayahuasca for His Defeat

Published 04/02/2024, 2:09 PM EDT

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If violence was not Deontay Wilder’s priority for his fight against Joseph Parker, then what was? His trainer, Malik Scott, has now cited another reason why his fighter did not cause much damage to his opponent in their fight. What’s this new reason, you may ask? Well, ‘Ayahuasca’. Confused? Here is everything that the trainer had to say about it.

In December last year, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ fought Kiwi heavyweight, Joseph Parker, as a co-headliner on the ‘Day of Reckoning’ card. If he had won the fight, Wilder would be allowed to fight Anthony Joshua in their February 2024 fight. While ‘AJ’ kept his end of the bargain by defeating Otto Wallin that night, Wilder did not. Despite losing a close decision, criticism rained down on him. Now, as Deontay Wilder and his trainer navigate the storm of harsh words, Malik Scott attempts to explain what went wrong under the bright lights in December last year.

Is Deontay Wilder not violent anymore?


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Speaking to Instant Casinos, Scott, explained that his fighter has a “killer instinct” that he cannot suppress. However, that instinct did not wake up against Parker, because perhaps Ayahuasca did its trick on the Alabama hard hitter. “I think he enjoyed ayahuasca. He said it made him a bit content and understand the smaller and softer things in life. Violence wasn’t a top priority that night and I think that’s why we came up short,” noted the trainer.

Ayahuasca, a plant-based psychedelic brew, affects all the senses, potentially altering a person’s thinking, sense of time, and emotions. Before the fight, the 38-year-old fighter told the Telegraph that his experience with the brew had left him “reborn.” However, he also argued that his competitive spirit was not dwindled by the experience.


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While Scott promised that the same Wilder from the Parker fight would not make an appearance in his next fight, he also seemed confident that the Bronze Bomber would cause some major damage to his next opponent, whoever they may be. Were fans satisfied by this explanation? The post by boxing reporter Michael Benson became the epicenter for fans who took the opportunity to slam Deontay Wilder and Malik Scott for the seemingly unacceptable explanation for a bad performance. Here is what they had to say.

Excuses unacceptable!

One user was tired of the many excuses Wilder and his team have made in the wake of his loss to Joseph Parker.

Wilder’s recent performances haven’t exactly endeared him to fans. This decline raises questions about the legitimacy of his earlier fame – was it truly earned, or simply hype? This sentiment was reflected in a scathing response from a fan.

Another user sarcastically gave a list of other reasons that could have contributed to Wilder losing the fight.

A user was not happy with how the trainer was justifying the loss. They sought his removal from the fighter’s camp.

A fan thought Malik Scott failed to critically analyze what went wrong for his fighter and took up the opportunity to do it for him.

One fan contended that Deontay Wilder hasn’t been the same since his loss to Tyson Fury.


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Despite speculation about the reasons behind Deontay Wilder’s disappointing performance in December, the heavyweight contender is already looking ahead. Reports indicate he’s entered negotiations to face Chinese heavyweight Zhilei Zhang on a stacked June 1st card, dubbed “5 vs. 5.”


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Who do you think would win that matchup? Take your picks in the comments section below.


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