How the $11.79 Billion Company Celsius Ended Up Creating a Rift Between Jake and Logan Paul

Published 12/11/2023, 5:15 PM EST

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In the fast-paced realm of YouTube, influencer-turned-boxers, the Paul brothers, Jake Paul and Logan Paul, consistently make waves and grab attention. Their fame on YouTube is enormous. Naturally, as they both ventured into boxing, they made headlines through their trash-talking skills and ability to draw the crowd to their matches. Apart from this, the brothers are also active businessmen.

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Logan is a co-founder of Prime Hydration along with Jake’s long-time rival, British YouTuber, KSI. Jake, on the other hand, has his endorsement deal with Celsius, the energy drink. While Celsius has a net worth of $11.79 billion, Prime Hydration holds a worth of $250 million. After Logan signed with Dana White, someone whom Jake is not quite fond of, their business rivalry turned a little personal. Let us dive a little deeper into what escalated the drift.

Jake Paul throws Prime bottles at Logan


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These businesses have now created a barrier between the two brothers who have amassed enormous fame together. Although they are siblings, Jake and Logan have been openly airing their conflicts for the world to see in recent years. In a heated exchange on the 350th episode of the podcast, Jake decided to start throwing Prime bottles at Logan, saying, “Fu*k you btw, fu*k your fu*king shit.”

A confused Logan questioned the reason, to which Jake replied, “Why did you blur my logo?” He was referring to the Betr logo, his sports betting and media app, that appeared on Johnny Manziel’s parachute, being blurred while airing. Again their business rivalry came into play.


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Logan is a Barstool ambassador; and Barstool Sports, being a sports betting app, is Betr’s competitor. Thus Logan decided to blur Betr’s logo in an effort to keep his deal with Barstool going. Logan a creator for Barstool, had even promoted their sports betting app launch in Michigan. He believed Jake would understand his responsibilities as an ambassador.

‘The Problem Child’ and Logan Paul dive into their differences

The WWE superstar, revealed on his ‘Impaulsive’ podcast in August this year that he faced a threat of ejection from Jake’s fight at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas if he brought a Prime bottle into the venue. Jake Paul who is Celsius’ brand ambassador was the major sponsor for the event. Thus they were against another company using their event to promote Prime. This rubbed Logan the wrong way.

Logan deemed the situation absurd and questioned whether Jake would truly ban him from promoting at his events. In response, Jake dismissed the concern, telling Logan to “get over it.” However, Logan needed his answers. “That’s ridiculous that I couldn’t bring in a Prime bottle,” he responded.

Jake countered, questioning why Logan would promote an event involving Jake’s enemy during Jake’s own fight. Logan’s straightforward response was, “Because I’m on it!” Notably, Logan’s fight with Dillon Danis wasn’t officially announced until three days after Jake’s victory over Diaz. Logan had his reasoning ready. He clarified that despite being brothers, they are distinct individuals with their own lives and choices.

He emphasized that he doesn’t always have to conform to familial expectations, stating that while he’ll always be Jake’s “ride-or-die”, but he won’t compromise his personal decisions solely due to their brotherly bond. Jake then accused Logan of“playing both sides” with the brother card, using it whenever it was convenient for him.

Jake Paul blurs the Prime logo

At the moment, the Problem Child is gearing up for his next bout against Andre August which is scheduled to be broadcast on DAZN. This clash coincides with KSI’s spar against fellow influencer IShowSpeed. Paul is diligently training for the upcoming fight which also will be a stepping stone towards his goal of becoming a world champion. August, with a professional record of 10-1-1 and five wins by knockout, poses a formidable challenge. Paul has been sharing his training journey on YouTube, and eagle-eyed fans observed a noteworthy detail in his latest video.


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The recent addition to their feud soon became evident. During a training session with his coach, a blurred Prime mini fridge is visible in the background, sparking curiosity and speculation among online observers. Paul’s endorsement agreement with Celsius restricts him from promoting any other beverage in his content due to the exclusivity clause.

The Paul brothers never fail to keep their fans engaged. While the love they share is evident, this feud makes fans raise a few questions. While they often seem to make attempts to reconcile, we wonder how much longer the feud will continue.


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