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“I Am Proud to Announce…”: Alycia Baumgardner Clears Her Name in Doping Test Fiasco With Recent Findings

Published 11/20/2023, 4:46 PM EST

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Alycia Baumgardner faced a doping controversy and has not found the means to claim her innocence after the whole fiasco. The undisputed female super featherweight tested positive for mesterolone and methenolone acetate metabolites in a pre-fight anti-doping test ahead of her July 15 match against Christina Linardatou. Notably, her tests conducted after the fight on July 15 and another on July 16 returned negative results. She ended up winning the match with a unanimous decision in the first defense of her undisputed title.

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Post this, she set out to do her own research and learn more about the handling of urine samples. This was to equip her to defend herself and provide a logical explanation of what caused the fiasco. In fact, she even went as far as providing a 22-page technical report to the sanctioning bodies, explaining how the AAF (Adverse Analytical Finding) cannot be trusted with such issues. Recently, she announced that she was about to drop a significant piece of information that would clear her image. The time has come, and she has drawn the curtains on the anticipated news.

Alycia Baumgardner makes her reveal


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Baumgardner posted an enormous letter with the caption, “vindication.. case closed” on her X account, explaining her stand and submitting proof of her innocence. Reiterating her belief in clean sports. She stood firm on her words about never having taken any performance-inducing drugs and now she has proof.

Finally, the champion proudly informed her fans that they found no mesterolone and endogenous substances in her bloodstream. In the letter, she wrote, “Today, I am proud to announce that an independent test of a sample of my hair by a reputable laboratory examined the time period from June through August of 2023 and has NOT DETECTED mesterolone or any other endogenous steroid in my body. As you read this statement, these results have been provided to the sanctioning bodies. These results conclusively rule out ANY possibility of intentional doping on my behalf and confirms for all of you that I am what I say I am.”


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The boxer reminded us of her skills and expressed gratitude. She reiterated the potential that she has achieved came through ages of training and hard work and not drugs. As she said, she respects the sport enough to not taint it in any form. She added, “What I’ve stated from the very beginning is still true: I never have and never would cheat in the sport that i love and that I’ve been blessed with the gifts and opportunity to competitively dominate.”

Having faced what she considers an unfair process, she also raised questions about the method of urine testing. She proceeded to reveal that it is not the most accurate and reliable method and is only used for its economic advantage. She ended the letter by thanking her sponsors, Everlast and Boxrow. The pugilist has been preparing, and she has promised her fans a marvelous comeback in her next undisputed title defense.

Mikaela Mayer breaks silence


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Mikaela Mayer, known for her rivalry with Alycia Baumgardner, had surprised boxing fans by withholding immediate comment on Baumgardner’s positive drug test. Despite their heated trash talk leading up to their previous bout, Mayer opted for a measured response. Baumgardner had won their match by a narrow split decision. Naturally, Mayer was concerned about potentially facing a boxer using performance-enhancing drugs.

Eventually, Mayer explained her silence, stating that the seriousness of the allegations required a professional response. The athlete was disappointed, particularly as another female in the same weight class, emphasizing the significance of addressing such matters for the integrity of the sport. She also called for more serious repercussions for doping.


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Though many had predicted her revelation to be another excuse, the letter might change a few opinions. Did it change yours or do you still call foul play? Let us know in the comments below.

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