“I’ll Spend the Rest of My Life…”: While Admitting His Lie, Logan Paul Reveals Why He Regrets Choosing Dillon Danis as His Opponent

Published 10/22/2023, 3:22 PM EDT

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It’s been over a week since Logan Paul and Dillon Danis squared up against each other. The fight involved a lot of bad blood between the fighters. It was a contest where the fighters surpassed every boundary of trash-talking. Many would even concur that the anticipation for this bout was even more than the main event, KSI vs. Tommy Fury. However, the bout couldn’t live up to the hype. Danis threw only 16 punches in more than five rounds.

In one of the rounds, he even knocked himself down as a gimmick, which wasn’t appreciated by the boxing fans at all. In the end, Danis was disqualified on the charge of grappling his opponent, and a brawl broke out inside the ring due to this. After all the chaos and debacle is done, Logan Paul reveals that he regrets choosing ‘El Jefe’ as his opponent for the ‘Prime’ card on October 14.

Logan Paul claims he’d be “eternally sorry” on behalf of Dillon Danis


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In the recent Impaulsive episode, Logan Paul addressed his fight with Dillon Danis, with his father Gregory Allan Paul as the guest. So, in the midst of the conversation about the fight, the co-host Mike Majlak asks Paul whether he regrets choosing Dillon Danis as his “dancing partner” in the previous bout. What Paul said would be shocking, as he has praised Danis for helping with the buildup in the past.

Paul said, “Yeah I do. I lied in the build-up when I said I didn’t regret choosing him as a partner. I’m eternally sorry for Nina, I’ll spend the rest of my life apologizing if I have to, for putting her through that kind of torment.” He stated that no fight organization or promotion had seen such a behavior before, so nobody knew how to react. He also admitted that his fiancée Nina Agdal is a public figure, which makes her an easy target for his opponents. This is usually not the case for anybody else in the combat sports scene.

He said, “She has that and so he was able to exploit it in a way that helps in the buildup but also hurts, it hurts personally.” So it did bother the Youtuber-turned-prizefighter, but he didn’t say so during his conversation with the famous comedian, Andrew Schulz.

Paul said something entirely different on Flagrant


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The comedian Andrew Schulz invited ‘Maverick’ on his podcast Flagrant, where he asked him whether he thinks some of the pictures uploaded by Danis are funny or not. To that, Logan Paul admits that he finds some of them really funny, and sometimes he and Nina Agdal have laughed together about the memes and pictures.

He said, “It is top-tier trolling. This is why I chose him as an opponent.” He mentioned, “I know this guy is going to promote the f**k out of it, people are going to be interested because if he shows up, I get to be the one and that excites me.” So, Logan Paul always knew that this was all great for marketing, so he didn’t say anything against it. However, now he seems to regret it.


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But now, the fight is over, he’s mentioned that it’d have been better if he went with somebody else who would have kept Agdal out of all the trash-talking. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section.

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