Is Shakur Stevenson a Real Threat to Devin Haney’s Undisputed Title? Everything Needs to Know About the Controversy Brewing Between Boxing Titans Over Ducking

Published 07/05/2023, 12:06 PM EDT

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It was his third climb up in a seven-year-long career. But Shakur Stevenson left no doubts about his preparedness for the big league as he dispatched Japan’s Shuichiro Yoshino in the sixth round. Understandably, the first victory in the 135 lbs. perhaps sounded the bugle call to many stakeholders in the division; among those who saw the red flag, Devin Haney, fresh off a second albeit a dubious title defense.

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A lack of clarity remains on the genuineness, or is it mere testing waters? But as it stands, the undisputed champion appears to have shot the first salvo at the new entrant with an offer. He lacks big chases in his resume. However, Shakur Stevenson remains clear that it’s not something he will fall for that easily. The entire series of exchanges happened in the public domain.

Devin Haney’s bonker offer to Shakur Stevenson


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Shakur Stevenson reported receiving an offer from Devin Haney a few days ago. It seems the fight proposal entailed him accepting a 25% share in the deal. But the Newark, New Jersey-born boxer barely got enthused. Taking to Twitter while responding to a post that questioned his credentials against Haney, he said, “Get off my’s. I don’t think I’m the A side; I just know my worth, and 25% ain’t it, and I didn’t turn the fight down, either. [That] was supposedly [be] the first offer [I] haven’t heard nun else since.

Lest fans forget, news came about on both Haney and Stevenson ending up at the same party last month. If the reports are to be believed, the latter had a bottle sent to ‘The Dream’ alongside a board with “Sign the contract” written over.


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How did Shakur Stevenson react to the one-sided negotiation?

The latest development began yesterday when Devin Haney responded to Rick Glaser, a boxing matchmaker from New York. Glaser wrote the offer talks between Haney and Stevenson don’t count much. For all those well aware of the sport’s inner mechanisms can make out, apart from ESPN, Bob Arum would not approve his charge fighting for any other network. He also highlighted that Top Rank took care of Haney’s last three matches. ‘The Dream’ wrote that Arum passed along the message.

Some five hours later, Shakur Stevenson told Haney that the amount he earned from his last three bouts stood much higher than what the latter offered, “25% is less [than] I made in my last 3 fights. Y’all people [are] crazy, lol.

Half an hour later, he added, “Send a real offer. Let’s get active, champ.” 

And pat came the reply from Haney, “Sign the contract.

Probably not done, ‘Sugar’ tweeted once more forty-five minutes later that Devin Haney doesn’t seem keen on taking any risk. Even if the business pertains to him, he (Stevenson) walks to and fro to finish the work. However, Devin Haney replied to the last allegation a few minutes later. He said that no one may want to bother going through his resume. It would do Stevenson good to compare both their resumes.

Why is Haney accused of dodging Stevenson?

Reportedly several lines of thought believe the latest 75/25 offer might as well be a ploy from the Californian that Stevenson would reject, as could be expected. According to an article in ‘boxingnews24,’ Devin Haney may want to strike gold once Gervonta Davis returns. As against ‘Sugar,’ a fight with ‘Tank’ might guarantee a $15 to 20 million purse. A rank outsider in the division, Shakur Stevenson, many believe, has to face a few big names before calling shots in the eight-figure payday.


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Stevenson now stands as a WBC contender against Devin Haney. It remains to be seen whether the latter decides to take the bull by the horns and defend his title or vacate the undisputed throne completely and move to 140 lbs. as he stated many times. According to the article, Stevenson’s rejection offers a clear alibi for Haney to walk away without sullying his name and record.

Perhaps, in a nutshell, the only way to cast off all the apprehension might as well be for Stevenson to go ahead and accept the offer. That way, if Haney stands serious about title defense, then a fight will happen, else a new set of reasons for the bout not happening proffers.


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In your opinion, is Shakur Stevenson ready for a boxer of Devin Haney’s caliber? Please share your thoughts and views with us in the comments below.

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