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“It Didn’t End Well”: Despite Beating Up 6 People Alone in a Pizza Shop After Getting Jumped, Amateur Boxing Champion’s Actions Fails to Surprise Fans

Published 09/24/2023, 2:21 PM EDT

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Recently a surprising video surfaced on social media that shocked the fans of street brawls. Boxing Kingdom took to X to share a video of a man almost manhandling 6 people in a fast-food restaurant. Though the post claimed that the man was an Italian amateur boxing champion, it turns out the video is from Romania. The video is months old and the incident took place in the Nufărul neighborhood of Oradea. According to eBIHOREANUL, the brawl took place in the McNeil restaurant and was captured by the surveillance cameras at the premises.

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The video featured a man being pressed by 6 people as he stood in front of the counter. Soon the talks turned into a full-fledged fight as one of the attackers dropped his pocket knife. The victim spotted this and immediately took action, owing to his bigger size he managed to fend them off by striking them forcefully. He even punched one person in a white hoodie who was trying to stop the fight. As the altercation ended, he left the restaurant along with another person.

According to the news source, the man didn’t want to file any complaints on the attackers. However, the spokesperson for the Bihor Police, Alina Fărcuţa stated that the police have started their own investigation into “assault and other acts of violence.” So it’s safe to say that the attackers must have gotten their due if found guilty.


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Fans react to the video of the 1 vs 6 brawl

As the video of the violent confrontation surfaced on social media, people couldn’t help but share their surprise at the incident. One user recounted witnessing such a situation before at a nightclub. He recalled, “I once watched a local amateur boxer fight 6 guys after a nightclub emptied. It didn’t end well for the other 6.”



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Another user chimed in and stated that he was not surprised by the video at all. He added, “They got dealt with by someone who could handle themselves!”.


Meanwhile, someone pointed out how if his friend hadn’t held the guy back then “he would have cleared the room.”


One user added, “I wouldn’t call that getting jumped.”


Moreover, someone questioned about the situation. He then jokingly asked if the fight started because he ordered: “pineapple on his #pizza or something?”



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Overall, the video definitely shocked the users on social media as apparent by their reactions. The way the guy handled all the attackers was definitely surprising for all who witnessed the event. What are your thoughts about the incident? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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