“It’s the Punch Placement”: Shakur Stevenson Reveals Two Big Names That Hit Him Hardest in the Gym

Published 03/24/2024, 3:48 AM EDT

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Shakur Stevenson hasn’t been in the ring for some time now. On November 16 last year, he defeated Edwin De Los Santos to become a three-division champion. However, his online presence more than made up for his ring absence. From his temporary retirement announcement to a tentative return and the virtual run-ins with fellow travelers, the southpaw from Newark, New Jersey, has been commanding headlines incessantly.

Amidst these unfolding events, a seemingly innocuous inquiry following his potential date has unearthed a captivating revelation about the champion. The last few weeks saw Shakur Stevenson project himself as a credible substitute to face Devin Haney, in case Ryan Garcia, his scheduled opponent, failed to keep his commitment. Later, he expressed an interest in pursuing a fight with lightweight contender William Zepeda.

Sparring Sizzlers from Shakur Stevenson


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It all started with a rather reflective note from the WBC lightweight champion. Early in the morning today, he shared how, during the early half of his career, he followed a life of indiscipline. But thanks to his immense talent, he accomplished some impressive feats. “Had no discipline for the first half of my career and done a lot of amazing things off of being talented,” said Shakur Stevenson. However, he indicated a more disciplined approach in the second stage of his career. That will help him devote his life to his career. He said, “We are now entering the 2nd stage of my career, where I dedicate my life to this, like I been supposed to do.

Finally, he also suggested something take place on July 6. A comeback match? “July 6th will be Movie,” he said. A multitude of users shared their views. However, one asked, “Aye champ, so who in the gym has landed the HARDEST punch on u??? Has anybody ever made you respect their power???

Shakur Stevenson immediately pointed out his mentor and close friend Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford and Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis. He said, “Bud and Boots.” Then he clarified that it’s not because the two fight at a weight class above him, or, for that matter, because they are bigger in size.

The Tight-Knit Gym Allies

He is anyhow used to sparring boxers much bigger than he is. He said, “…and it ain’t just cause they bigger then me; I spar big mfs all the time.. ” In the case of Crawford, it is the accurate positioning of his punches that he has to reckon with. On the other hand, while fighting ‘Boots’ Ennis, he has to deal with laser-like punches that combine both speed and power.


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It’s the punch placement wit Bud and boots Speed equals power; his punches is like lasers, lol,” he said. It’s a different matter, given that Ennis and Crawford have yet to face each other despite remaining in the same division. Stevenson’s response prompted some to pose another question. “You gotta tell us who wins that fight, tho. Bud or Boots?” asked one user.

Given the kind of generational talent that he comes up with, it’s difficult for many fans to see Shakur Stevenson without any fight. They would rather see him engaged, fighting big paydays against names such as Gervonta Davis (now Abdul Wahid), Ryan Garcia, or Devin Haney. Hopefully, the coming months will bring forth an effective solution that will put an end to the inadvertent inactivity.


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