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Snaps of John Fury with blood streaming down his forehead grabbed major headlines. Many felt the news might as well overshadow the main event for a moment. Tyson Fury‘s father might have had his justifications for indulging in such an antic. He reportedly apologized for his conduct. However, the whole melodrama couldn’t escape heavy criticism. But how does his son, the champion, feel about it? When asked about the incident, ‘The Gypsy King’ revealed that his father’s behavior, in hindsight, would have benefited the show tremendously. The impact would be rather visible on the earnings of the fight with Oleksandr Usyk, he contended.

The WBC heavyweight champion and the unified heavyweight champion from Ukraine are all set for Saturday’s historical clash. The match at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, follows a cancellation and subsequent postponement from the initially scheduled date of February 17. Fury while speaking with Ariel Helwani, shared his thoughts on the battle for the undisputed title.

Both teams ran into each other chanting at the Hilton Hotel. Shouts of “Fury, Fury, Fury…,” and “Usyk, Usyk, Usyk…” reverberated across the area. Tyson Fury’s father already had a brush with a few Ukrainian team members. Soon after the security separated the two sides, walking back, following chants of “Fury, Fury, Fury…,” John Fury came across Stanislav Stepchuk and headbutted him. Later, he was heard shouting, “We can’t be beat. We are Spartans… Spartans. We are Spartans.


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The 59-year-old with 13 professional fights under his belt is not someone new to such uproar. Fans’ memories might still be fresh from what happened during the kick-off press conference of the MF & DAZN: X Series 10—The Prime Card last year. Billed ‘The Judgement’, the headline fight featured Tommy Fury going against KSI. But it was the launch presser that received major headlines on account of the pandemonium John Fury caused by throwing tables, almost inciting a disturbance.

Tyson Fury was explaining how he has changed from the days when he fought Wladimir Klitschko. The following years saw him change for good. He finds himself a bit more relaxed and not giving into all the trappings stardom offers. He understood that spending time with family and loved ones stood out way above everything else.

Tyson Fury on His Father: Seeing Beyond the Surface

Helwani asked whether his family would be present for the fight. Fury shared that, along with his father and brothers, one of his children was with him in Riyadh. The mention had the 2023 MMA ‘Journalist of the Year’ award recipient ask the world champion about his father’s recent news.


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He reverted to the exchange ‘The Gypsy King” had with his father, which eventually went viral. Helwani asked, “Do you do you ever in a moment in a quiet moment behind the scenes, say, hey you don’t need to do this, you don’t need to get fired up, we’re all good, like, do you ever try to to calm him down, or is that just who he is?

Tyson Fury immediately cited ‘The Greatest’ Muhammad Ali’s long-time trainer Angelo Dundee for reference. He said, “No, my dad is my Angelo Dundee. Yeah, you know, he’s my salesman. He, um, he just adds so much hype and so many views to anything we do so fantastic.” Then he added how the brawl might have aided the big fight. “That little ruckus he did probably added half a million pay-per-view buys. Crazy! The world was talking about it even more so than the actual event. Just brings eyes from all over the planet to this event and to Saudi Arabia. So, it was fantastic.” In the Mancunian’s view, his father is a ‘promoter’s dream’.


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Later on, Ariel Helwani checked on how his father had been doing after the incident. Tyson Fury replied that he was doing well; a little bit of bruises and cuts wasn’t going to slow down his father at all.

Do you agree with Tyson Fury’s assessment of the recent situation involving his father? Please share your view with us in the comments below.