Jake Paul Addresses Rumors About Starring in ‘Creed IV’

Published 11/20/2023, 11:30 PM EST

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Jake Paul, known for his dynamic presence in the digital and now boxing realm, has tried his hand at acting in the past. Though criticism initially surrounded his early foray into the acting world, Paul demonstrated a commitment to honing his craft. His roles in projects like Disney’s “Bizaardvark” and the thriller film “Airplane Mode” gave him a platform to showcase his versatility beyond online entertainment.

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We might see Paul venture into acting yet again. Post his boxing debut in August 2018, he has constantly been in the news and simultaneously built a resume for himself. Talks about the ‘Problem Child’ making an appearance in the Creed series have been floating for a while. And Paul has finally addressed them.

Creed 4 to have a Jake Paul fight?

The Creed series has become a cornerstone in modern boxing cinema, seamlessly blending nostalgia with contemporary themes. By inheriting the Rocky legacy, it revitalizes the genre, making it pertinent to a new audience. The films intricately navigate the personal and professional struggles of Adonis Creed, offering a portrayal of the boxing world beyond mere physical combat. Through realistic fight choreography and poignant storytelling, the series resonates with the raw emotion and dedication intrinsic to the sport.

As rumors fly about Paul featuring in the next movie of the series, he shared the post on his Instagram, captioning it ‘Easy work”. The younger Paul brother has always been up for new challenges and apparently, this one is easy. With Paul’s experience in both boxing and acting, he would make a perfect fit for the series of movies. However, this is not the only new venture that Paul is eyeing.

Tentative date for Jake Paul’s MMA debut

The YouTube sensation turned boxer recently declared his ambition to claim a boxing world championship, adding another layer to his unconventional sports journey. Yet, in a surprising twist, he unveiled plans to step into the MMA arena by the end of 2024, challenging the norm and keeping fans on the edge of their seats. His upcoming bout against Andre August in December sets the stage for an unpredictable trajectory.

Paul’s MMA debut sparked a whirlwind of speculation regarding his potential opponents. PFL shows eagerness to facilitate the transition, presenting intriguing options. Notably, a mega-fight looms as Paul and Donn Davis express a keen interest in facing Nate Diaz, with Davis extending an enticing offer for Diaz to step into the PFL smart cage.

We cannot decide which one we are more excited about, Creed 4 or Paul’s MMA debut. We could use some help. Let us know your views on all the unpredictable plans of the influencer boxer.

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