Jake Paul Calls Out Ryan Bourland for Receiving Support From Nate Diaz: “Someone Who Got Their A** Beat by Me”

Published 02/24/2024, 8:39 AM EST

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Next weekend, Jake Paul will enter the ring opposite Ryan Bourland. To a great extent, the latter’s profile matches that of Paul’s last opponent, André August. Both are 35-year-old, semi-retired boxers. It remains uncertain whether the result of the fight mirrors the previous outcome or takes a different turn.

Jake Paul appears to be a clear favorite to win. But Paul apparently has an altogether different concern. There seems to be a surge in support for Ryan Bourland. As the more experienced fighter between the two, many believe he could turn the table on ‘The Problem Child’. No problem with the solidarity. However, Paul would like to know why ‘The Rhino’ should accept encouragement from someone who has already suffered defeat at his hands.

Jake Paul: Seek Success Stories, Not Sob Stories


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Clearly, it seemed beyond his understanding. Perhaps that’s why, on the Instagram story, Jake Paul began, “I don’t understand…” The picture becomes a bit clearer when he explains further. The slide has former UFC fighter Nate Diaz‘s photo as the centerpiece. But it is Ryan Bourland’s message and snapshot slightly below the midpoint that are poised to draw everyone’s attention. Thanking ‘The Stockton Slap’, the Martinez, California-born boxer said, “Thanks for the support, fam @natdiaz209.It probably follows Nate Diaz’s show of support for Ryan Bourland before the fight in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

But why? Jake Paul seemingly wonders. Why would Bourland seek support from a person who barely survived a ten-round bout against him? That’s why he further wrote, “Why would you want support from someone who got their a** beat by me? Can someone explain?


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Then, taking his dig to the next level, in the next slide, Jake Paul depicted two soldiers. One of them, still standing, was pointed out as Ryan Bourland. So ‘The Rhino’ is shown pulling his hurt comrade pointed by Paul as Nate Diaz. But the latter, despite his condition (seemingly caused by Paul), appears to be encouraging Bourland: “You got this, Ryan; he’s light work….terrible aim.

‘The Problem Child’ and Nate Diaz fought at the American Airlines Center in Dallas last August. The match went the whole way, with the former winning by a unanimous decision.

‘The Stockton Slap’ for ‘The Problem Child

It was a much-needed victory for Paul, who had suffered his first career defeat at the hands of Tommy Fury a couple of months ago in Saudi Arabia. Tommy Fury was the professional boxer Jake Paul had fought. Hence, post-loss, he reportedly reverted back to the old, time-tested method of fighting retired UFC fighters. But to the surprise of many, Nate Diaz stood his ground till the final bell.


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Many slammed ‘The Problem Child’ for his inability to force an early stoppage against a pro boxing debutant. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, what matters is the outcome. Jake Paul won.


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What’s your take on next week’s fight? Do you think Bourland has the ability to surprise Jake Paul?


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