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While Jake Paul’s fight against Mike Tyson picks up momentum, another fight from the heart of New York is reaching its crescendo. Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney will happen on April 20 in Brooklyn. However, in light of certain antics ‘KingRy’ pulled, the fight was almost in jeopardy. When Jake Paul was quizzed on the same, he had some points to make.

‘Problem Child’ and Ry go way back in time, so much so that the latter claims that he was the one who introduced Paul to the sport. However, earlier, when Paul defeated Ryan Bourland, Garcia vowed to end his boxing career. In response, the influencer-boxer made serious allegations of drug use against the fighter. Now, when asked if he envisions a fight against the Californian, Paul asserted the kind of fight he’d be willing to undertake.

Why pick Devin Haney?


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On a BS w/ Jake Paul podcast, 27-year-old Problem Child noted that he sees the chances of Haney vs. Garcia happening at a 50-50 ratio. However, if the fight did go ahead, he picked ‘The Dream’ as his favorite.

Explaining his choice, he said, “Devin. He’s gonna smoke him. I obviously like Ryan but like there’s one person who’s been in the gym, taking the sport seriously and then never partying once. And fighting the most elite competition, yeah.”

In April last year, in his career’s first loss, Ry was defeated by Gervonta Davis in a 7th-round knockout. Taking note of the loss, Paul based his prediction of the Haney fight on this premise. “Ryan isn’t taking it seriously, and he showed me his lack of heart by not getting up on the canvas when he basically quit. He could’ve stood up.”

Ryan Garcia remains in a tough spot now. Almost everyone sees him as the underdog for the Haney fight. It will take a lot for him to flip these predictions. To double down on this image that Ry assumes, Paul argues that if he were to fight the boxer, he thinks it does not even deserve the legitimacy of a pro-fight.


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Jake Paul makes a comment about Ryan’s foot

In the conversation when asked about a potential fight between him and Ry, the Puerto Rico-based fighter did not deter from it. He noted, “I think it could be like an exhibition probably. I think he thinks he could win. And I would like to just deflate his little 130 pounds.”

While his argument against Garcia stems from the lack of dedication, the 25-year-old has shown, Paul also highlighted a pertinent drawback in his acumen. “His footwork sucks, once I’m learning more about the sport, it’s like he’s fast and quick and been doing it his whole life obviously. But his feet, I would tear him apart.”


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Do you agree with what Jake Paul has to say? Let us know your predictions for the upcoming Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia fight.

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