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Jake Paul has decided to risk it all and pick a fight with another professional boxer. After his previous loss against Tommy Fury, Paul is open to once again putting his boxing career on the line on December 15th. Though he has carved an impressive legacy for himself when it comes to boxing, he is also very successful in his other endeavors as well. Interestingly, according to Celebrity Net Worth, his overall fortune stands at a net worth of around $80 million.

Apparently, his net worth already stood at over $30 million prior to the Tommy Fury bout. It soon jumped to $60 million after it. Moreover, even prior to his introduction to the world of boxing, he was already the second-highest-earning YouTuber in the world, with a net worth of $21.5 million. But there are also other sources that add to his massive wealth. Here’s how ‘the Problem Child’ managed to amass such a huge amount of wealth.

Paul’s earnings through fight purse


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Jake Joseph Paul, who worked his way to YouTube through initial popularity on Vine, entered the world of boxing back in 2018. He had his boxing debut against Deji Olatunji, in an undercard bout of KSI vs Logan Paul‘s main event. Since then, he has fought 7 more times and has been very successful with only a single loss.

According to SportsZion, he earned around $1.2 million during his fight against Nate Robinson. He earned $2 million from the Tyson Woodley bout, and about $1.5 million in his fight against Anderson Silva. Not only that, as mentioned previously, he earned $30 million from the Tommy Fury fight, which is a 65% share of the earnings as well as a fight pay of $3.2 million.

Paul’s business venture BETR

The internet sensation also ventured into a new domain with the launch of his app, Betr back in 2019. The platform merges sports media content with online sports betting. What makes this endeavor stand out is Paul’s commitment to it, which was demonstrated when he turned down a staggering $40 million buyout offer from a crypto casino company.

In a video featured on the Betr YouTube channel, Paul articulated his decision, emphasizing, “I was offered $40 million from one of these crypto casino companies but turned it down this year because what we’re doing at Betr is better.” This refusal underscores Paul’s belief in the potential of his latest venture.

Teaming up with sports betting expert Joey Levy, who assumed the role of CEO, Betr has secured an impressive $50 million in funding from notable investors. Names like Travis Scott, Ezekiel Elliot, and Dez Bryant highlight the diverse backing this venture has received.

Earnings from Brand Endorsements

Endorsement agreements with BooHooman, DraftKings, RNBO Clothing, and Celsius contribute significantly to Jake Paul’s earnings. Each social media post promoting these brands fetches him up to $75,000. These lucrative deals alone amass an impressive $4 million annually. Beyond brand promotions, Paul leverages his massive following to sell his merchandise.

Paul’s business earnings

Combined with over $13 million in bank deposits and government bonds, Paul receives substantial yearly interest and dividend payments, amounting to over $3 million. Delving deeper into his financial portfolio, Paul boasts an impressive $40 million in cash reserves. His investment portfolio, totaling $35 million, spans 18 stocks. This calculated financial strategy showcases Paul’s acumen in asset management and investments.

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Jake Paul has established himself as a successful entrepreneur with both public and private ventures. Among his successful projects are Betr, MVP, and TeamDom. Additionally, Paul had also invested in Bitcoin, which added to his massive earnings when it blew up.

Jake Paul’s earnings from MVP, Merch, and more

Paul entered the boxing promotion game with the launch of ‘Most Valuable Promotions’ in 2021, aiming to enhance creative control for fighters, improve fighter payouts, and provide them with other opportunities. Serrano soon joined in as the first major MVP athlete. Most Valuable Promotions, co-produced fights featuring Paul, including historic bouts like Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano.


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MVP also signed Ashton Sylve and top WBC super middleweight contender Shadasia Green, who is set to feature as one of the undercards in his fight against August. Expanding further, Paul introduced Most Valuable Prospects, a series highlighting the next generation of boxing talent. The inaugural event, held in Orlando, Florida, premiered on DAZN, solidifying a new partnership. As of now, he earns around $20- $50 million annually through various sources including, boxing, merchandise YouTube views, and endorsements.

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The ascent of the Problem Child from his early days on Vine to his current standing is marked by substantial growth in revenue and an upward trajectory in his career. With a promising future ahead, the spotlight is currently fixed on the imminent clash against Andre August, a bout poised to unfold in a matter of hours, amplifying the anticipation surrounding the young boxing prospect.

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