“Kambosos Is Many Levels Below Lomachenko”: George Kambosos Jr. vs. Vasyl Lomachenko Tentative Timeline Revealed, Draws Mixed Response from Fans

Published 11/23/2023, 1:47 AM EST

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After Vasyl Lomachenko lost the Undisputed Lightweight title bout against Devin Haney in a controversial decision in May this year, the most important question was this – What or who is next for Vasyl? While Egis Klimas, manager of Lomachenko, branded the decision of Loma vs. Haney “the biggest robbery in daylight”, a certain section was disheartened knowing that Loma, 35, with his abilities starting to decay, was less likely to mirror his performance shown against Devin in another fight.

Anyway, finally, Lomachenko has yet another opponent, George Kambosos Jr. to face in the ring. And it seems he is back in the run to become Undisputed in the sport. In this connection, as Loma vs. Kambosos Jr. was set for April 2024 tentatively, several people took to X and reacted to it.

Does Vasyl Lomachenko vs. George Kambosos Jr. make sense?


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Vasyl Lomachenko’s bout with Devin Haney was not only close but capable of making several people believe that Loma won the fight. However, every time Kambosos Jr. stepped inside the ring with Devin, the latter outboxed ‘Ferocious’ in the ring. Yet, in his last bout with Maxi Hughes, Kambosos Jr. managed to gain the IBO Lightweight title. At this, while Haney chases Regis Prograis, Shakur Stevenson struggles to justify his “stinker” against Edwin Santos, and Gervonta Davis rearranges his life, probably, there was no alternative to Kambosos Jr. vs. Lomachenko.

Likewise, an excited fan thought it was a “great stylistic match-up“.

However, many thought Kambosos was “many levels below Lomachenko.”

Meanwhile, one was confident that Loma would win.

On the other hand, one wondered who Vasyl would fight after he beat Kambosos Jr.

Finally, one thought it was funny that Kambosos was Loma’s next opponent.


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In this context, while fans digest Lomachenko vs. Kambosos Jr., it is worth noticing what ‘Ferocious’ thinks of the fight.

Kambosos Jr. expects his fight with Lomachenko to be “big”

Right after Kambosos Jr. defeated Maxi Hughes, the former called out Lomachenko. “We’ll fight Lomachenko next,” he said. On that note, besides justifying his performance against Hughes by calling himself the “aggressor” who landed the cleaner shots, ‘Ferocious’ explained why he wanted Lomacheko. In his opinion, since, Vasyl is more open to throwing his shots, he would be a good opponent.


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He’s more open to throw his shots and engage. I want to engage. And that’s a big fight that you really go out for,” stated Kambosos Jr. Anyway, what do you think of Kambosos Jr. vs. Lomachenko? Let us know in the comments below.

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