Keyshawn Davis is not just another name in the world of boxing. The 24-year-old is undefeated and is set to face Jose Pedraza in just a few days after coming out of suspension for testing positive for marijuana during his October bout with Nahir Albright. However, Davis is not the only one slowly making his way to the top. There are a few he wants to take along with him.

Keyshawn Davis and his two brothers, Keon Davis (younger) and Kelvin Davis (older) are ascending at a pace they didn’t envision. As the three continue to forge ahead, achieving new milestones, the middle sibling couldn’t be prouder. Let’s delve into what he had to say about his brothers in his interview with Cigar Talk.

What is DB3?


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DB3, as Keyshawn Davis revealed, stands for the three Davis brothers, all of whom are boxers. “Kelvin Davis, he signed with me the day I signed with Top Rank and ESPN. Kelvin is, right now, ranked number ten. Right now, he is 10-0 with six knockouts. Keon Davis is right now going to the Olympics,” he revealed proudly. Kelvin, the eldest, left his stable income for this. What started off as just an idea by the oldest brother, who had even quit boxing to work as an electrician, now seems to be holding up well. The name is supposed to make the three a brand.

“Keon said, ‘Look bro, honestly, it can’t really be DB3 if you ain’t boxing’. And Kelvin had to think about it. He was working. He was an electrician,” Keyshawn revealed. However, the brand held more value for him, and he was just 21 years old at the time—not too bad of an age to give the sport another chance.

Lo behold this man ranked number 10 right now in the world. Keon going to the Olympics, I feel little this year because of Keon going to win a gold medal at the Olympics, he’s gonna raise our brand to the roof, it’s gonna be undeniable that the Davis brothers are in boxing,” confessed the Virginia native.

Keyshawn Davis has big expectations of himself and his brothers. It is not only his brothers that he has by his side, his buddy is right there to support him.

Shakur Stevenson lauds ‘The Businessman’


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Despite maintaining a resolute stance on marijuana use, Davis has surprised many by deciding to quit smoking ahead of his upcoming bout against Jose Pedraza on February 8, 2024. This significant shift in approach comes after Davis faced a 90-day ban for testing positive for its use. In the episode of Cigar Talk, Davis attributed his extensive smoking to mental health issues and expressed that quitting has positively impacted his life.

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He acknowledged seeking help from God and reflected on his journey, stating that since stepping away from his addiction, he has become a better person. Observers, including his coach and fellow fighters, have noticed increased energy in his current training camp. Close friend Shakur Stevenson praised Davis for the decision. “Proud of u bro U tougher then most champ.. Now take over,” he said, expressing pride and confidence in his ability to overcome challenges, highlighting their strong and supportive relationship.


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What do you think of the trio? Are they together going to become the brand that they have imagined for themselves? Let us know in the comments below.

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