Logan Paul Reveals the Only Way His Brother Jake’s Rivalry Will Come to an End With Business Partner KSI

Published 11/01/2023, 2:09 PM EDT

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It took Jake Paul and Tommy Fury two years to get in the ring and finally settle their beef. KSI and Tommy Fury accorded each other a similar courtesy. They finally met at the Manchester Arena during the MF & DAZN: X Series 10—The Prime Card last month. However, one bitter animosity doesn’t appear to have any resolution in sight. Despite the years that have passed, ‘The Problem Child’ and KSI would still prefer going at each other. But there seems to be a light flickering at the end of the tunnel.

Logan Paul is the common thread between both KSI and his younger brother. The YouTuber-turned boxer-turned pro-wrestler and the British YouTuber had known each other since 2018 when they first fought as amateurs. The following year, they participated in a professional bout, where KSI won. However, roughly three years later, putting aside their rivalry, the duo forged a business partnership. It has been growing stronger ever since. And now they gathered recently. Interestingly, while discussing ways to settle the dispute with Jake Paul, the most potent solution apparently arose from the ring that would eventually lead to a mutually beneficial outcome.

Ending the Jake Paul vs. KSI saga


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Joining Logan Paul and Mike Majlak in the ‘Impaulsive’s latest episode, KSI shared his thoughts on a rematch with Tommy Fury. Majlak said that no one seemed bothered by Tyson Fury‘s half-brother. Moreover, after the bouts with both, the chapters with ‘The Problem Child’ and KSI closed. Hence, the fight everyone would love watching would be between the British and the American YouTubers-turned boxers.

Majlak said, “…the fight to make is [between] you and Jake Paul, but the thing is…is like it’s understandable if that’s not what you want to do; you know what I’m saying.…” Agreeing, KSI responded, “…it’s a huge fight like, especially because the ego is on the line, like not even money like…like not even… not even the money, fame, whatever it’s the ego, it’s the eagle of pride who is going to be the YouTuber dude that falls down...”

Understandably, Logan Paul explained his situation. It was tough for him to be sandwiched between his close friend and younger brother. Majlak suggested that he could help by mediating a truce between the two. However, ‘The Maverick’ disagreed. He said, “I’m telling you it’s impossible; there’s one… there’s one way that the beef can be solved, and unfortunately, it’s through a fight that will end in a tie and then through another fight where one of them loses by one point.

KSI broke into a huge laughter, and Mike Majlak added that maybe after the fights, they would join hands to build a new drinks company! But on a serious note, Logan Paul asked KSI whether he intended to pursue a boxing match with ‘The Problem Child.’ The latter responded that he wasn’t sure about it for the time being.

YouTube Rings


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Primarily, the dispute between Jake Paul and KSI precipitated during the years when the latter and Logan Paul turned up as the rising stars of the influencer boxing scene. It seems ‘The Problem Child’ was unhappy with his brother’s 2019 loss to the Briton. Tweets became the preferred weapons the two sides employed to throw shade at each other. Coupled with their rising stature as YouTube boxers, their differences only grew. From the choice of opponents to the outcomes, neither side has ever spared an opportunity to take a dig at the other party.

Jake Paul, after suffering the loss to Tommy Fury, seems to have recovered the lost ground with a win over Nate Diaz. However, it has not been entirely encouraging for KSI. Though he won the year’s first match against FaZe Temperrr, the outcome of the subsequent two has been favorable. While the fight against Joe Fournier ended in a no-contest, the bout against Tomy Fury ended in a loss. Whether Jake Paul and KSI will finally take the plunge by next year, time alone can tell. However, as KSI said in the ‘Impaulsive,’ it will be a big match.


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What’s your take? Which rematch should happen first – Jake Paul-Tommy Fury or KSI-Tommy Fury? Please share your views with us in the comments below.

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