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Mike Tyson Reveals Why He Didn’t Respect His Trainers

Published 04/16/2023, 12:38 PM EDT

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Mike Tyson was not the same after his mentor Cus D’Amato‘s death. Tyson was still a rising star when Cus left him. He became the guardian of the 16-year-old Mike Tyson after his mother died. Before d’ Amato’s death, he had a stunning record of 11-0. But in November 1985, Cus D’Amato died due to pneumonia, at the age of 77 years old. Well, Tyson couldn’t take any other trainer seriously after that as Cus left an immense impact on ‘Iron’ Mike, and it wasn’t ready to wash away that easily.

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So in the recent Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson episode, he talked about how he could never respect his trainers after Cus. He also gave his honest opinions about the current scenario of trainers and how boxing gyms and trainers don’t have that sense of belonging anymore. According to him, it has become more and more money driven.

Mike Tyson reveals his reasons for not being able to respect his trainers


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Mike Tyson was talking about how important yet difficult it is to push yourself and defeat your ego. As your ego is trying to push you down the easy lane, as it doesn’t want to go through the hard work but you need to overcome that. And that process is very difficult to attain. Then the co-host, Sebastian Joseph-Day, asked Tyson whether it was easier some days during training or if it was always the same, as difficult as it was the previous day.

Then Tyson started talking about how it was easier with Cus. He said, “No, everything went well. I did everything well, and then I see my mentor died, and he’s the only one that could pull me back, he’s the only one I had that respect for.


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Then he went on to reveal why he couldn’t respect his trainers. Tyson said, “One thing that I didn’t have any respect for these guys, you know, I’m giving them a job. It’s not like I can’t give him a job, this guy’s- it’s my man you know what I mean.

The death of Tyson’s mentor affected him crucially, and 36 years later, if he got the chance, he revealed the emotional question he would ask Cus D’Amato now.

The Baddest Man on the Planet’ then talked about how trainers have lost their dignity and are focusing more on money now. They don’t care about their fighters if they’re getting more elsewhere. And this doesn’t sit well with ‘Iron’ Mike.

Tyson branded the trainers as “glorified cheerleaders”

Mike Tyson stated that trainers nowadays are nothing more than just hired hands. As they don’t really care about him as a fighter, it is more of a job for them. He said, “They’re hired hands, you know that’s what that’s what trainers are now.

He further elaborated on how they’ll run off to another fighter if he/she paid them more.


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Tyson enunciated, “They’re hired hands, I’m working with this guy, you pay me more, I leave him and work with you. It’s all like this right now. Glorified cheerleaders.

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Now this cracked up the whole room, even the guest, Ryan Garcia, couldn’t stop his laughter when Tyson called trainers ‘glorified cheerleaders’.


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Tyson revealed that certain trainers in the world of boxing have become greedy and they’re doing their work for the sole purpose of money. So, what are your thoughts about modern-day boxing trainers? Do you agree with Mike Tyson? Let us know in the comments section.

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