Moments After Leigh-Wood Calling Out Floyd Mayweather, Reigning World Champion Demands £30,000,000 For Wood

Published 08/26/2023, 1:32 AM EDT

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Imagine a 17-year-old fighter mesmerizing the crowd with his impressive boxing skills. This has been Curmel Moton these days. The 17-year-old boxer is a prospect under Floyd Mayweather and his promotion company. As he trains hard to emerge through the ranks, the young fighter believes it is time for him to enter professional boxing. And for his debut fight, he hopes to face off with a seemingly big name, to herald his career with a bang.

Under such situations, the leader of Mayweather Promotions, ‘Pretty Boy’ himself called on a fighter to defend his title against the 17-year-old protege. While the former boxing champion believes that his young fighter deserves such an opponent, boxing enthusiasts do not subscribe to this opinion. Some would say it would be incredibly naïve for someone still in their teens to enter the ring against champion without a prior pro-boxing or MMA experience. But if the fight does take its course, what would be the cost of it?

Opponent wants Floyd Mayweather over Moton


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Earlier, the former champion and now a promoter said that he would want Leigh Wood to defend his WBA featherweight title against the 17-year-old newbie fighter. Leigh got the title on his record through a unanimous decision win over Mauricio Lara in May. However, an enthusiastic Mayweather believes that his protege deserves this fight right at the start of his career.

To back such fancies of his is the massive money he is willing to shed in order to get the fight going. However, Leigh has other plans for Floyd. Wood said that he would fight ‘Pretty Boy’ instead, citing the fact that Floyd is closer to his age than his prospect.

Adding more substance to this drama is world flyweight champion Sunny Edwards. The boxer sided with Leigh and asked him to charge a whooping thirty million pounds to get the fight going.

“Tell him we want £30m,” Edward stated.

The thing is ‘Money’ might as well agree to the lumpsum offer. But that is something only time will tell.

A Floyd Mayweather Protege indeed

With an impressive record of 18 wins in his amateur career, Curmell Moton is showing a lot of promise. The featherweight fighter has kicked off his career pretty well and is also infamously known as Tank 2.0.

The boxer has further been endorsed by the likes of Errol Spence Jr., Shakur Stevenson, and Rolando Romaro. But he has gained enormous clout when the one and only, Mayweather backed him. He said, “We don’t know who’s going to be the next Floyd Mayweather”  adding, “But I truly believe this could be the next Floyd Mayweather.”


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Moton seems to have a good set of mentors on his side. But the pressure that comes from such an association could be a tad too much.


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Speaking on the pressure and how he negotiates with it, Moton said, “I can handle the pressure. I’ve been putting work in my whole life and I’m used to it.” Well, the future of boxing seems to be in safe hands.

However, as we look forward to seeing the young fighter enter his first pro-boxing fight, it is going to be interesting to see who he lands his first bout against. Mayweather will seemingly do everything in his power to get Moton the best opponent possible, but there is only little he can do when it comes to getting big league fighters to fight against someone who is inexperienced.


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Who do you think would be Curmel Moton’s ideal opponent? Let us know in the comments section below.

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