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One of the most anticipated fights of its time, the clash between the two heavyweight orthodox fighters, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, took place in 1996. Tyson was defending his WBA title that he won against Bruce Seldon, while Holyfield was posing as the challenger. This bout was supposed to take place six years ago in 1990 after Tyson’s fight against Buster Douglas. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and Tyson got knocked out in that bout. So, in 1996, the two fighters engaged in combat for the first time, which was followed by the infamous ‘The Bite Fight’ in 1997.

After their rematch, Tyson had to face many years of obloquy, because in the third round, ‘Iron, Mike got a bit frustrated and bit off a part of Holyfield’s ear. For this, he was disqualified from the fight and the victory was automatically handed over to Holyfield. Moreover, his boxing license was also immediately revoked and had to pay a $3 million fine in addition to the legal fees. However, in 1998, his license was reinstated by a vote of 4-1. However, recently an old photo of the boxers smiling alongside each other has recently resurfaced.

Fans adore the picture of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield hanging out together


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The Facebook photo seems to be before their first fight happened, as both boxers were  congenial with each other. Moreover, the caption on the post read, “nicer times“. Many would assume that they would still be enemies after the 1997 incident, but to their surprise, they currently are business partners running a cannabis edibles company. A couple of years ago, there were talks of their trilogy fight possibly taking place, which never did. Anyway, let’s see what the fans have to say about the picture.

One of the fans explained how Tyson was supposed to take on Holyfield after defeating Douglas. But it couldn’t really happen as planned. The fan mentioned that if this bout took place at that time, it would’ve been an even better contest. They wrote, “They was supposed to fight before Douglas messed things up for them. Then Holifield beat Douglas and Tyson spent some time away from boxing and had to come back. If they would have fought then I think it would have been an even better fight than it was later.

Also, another fan provided justification for Tyson’s act of biting Holyfield’s ear, years ago. They wrote, “Just throwing it out there, if somebody headbutted me and punches me in the [nuts] a buncha times, might put me in a biting mood too“.

One fan stated that both boxers have always been friends. The only time they had conflict was after their rematch. They wrote, “It’s always nicer times. The only time they didn’t like each other was when the fights went down. They are friends and business partners now.


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A Facebook user mentioned that sometimes people tend to change after they’re consumed by the dreads of money and desire. They wrote, “Money and desire and survival and imagined glory maybe changes people – when that is achieved, then you deflate – maybe –“.

A fan stated that if there was a trilogy match between these two, ‘The Real Deal’ would’ve won again. They wrote, “Holyfield would beat him then too“.

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The fans got nostalgic about the good old days when Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield had a good relationship before the infamous bite fight. What are your thoughts about the picture of these two titans together? Share them with us in the comments section.

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