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“OMG It Kills Me Every Time to See Rocky in Pain Like That!”: Sylvester Stallone Misses Talia Shire’s Character Adrian Balboa While Sharing Amazing Fan Art; Leaves Boxing Fans Nostalgic

Published 03/19/2023, 1:36 PM EDT

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Sylvester Stallone recently shared some incredible fan art on his social media, which left many boxing fans feeling nostalgic. In the post, Stallone expressed his appreciation for the artist, John Rivoli, for creating a piece that perfectly captured the pain and emotion felt by his character, Rocky Balboa. Stallone also mentioned how the artwork depicted the feeling of missing Adrian, the character played by Talia Shire.

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We can understand the significance of Stallone‘s words and the impact that his Rocky movies had on pop culture. The character of Adrian Balboa, Rocky’s love interest and eventual wife was an integral part of the series. Her absence in later movies was felt by both Rocky and the audience, and this sentiment was captured beautifully in the fan art shared by Stallone.

Adrian’s death was not really shown in the movies, in fact, it was mentioned in passing in Rocky 6. Her death played a major role in Rocky’s character development. Facing the death of his beloved wife, increased the depth of Rocky’s character. It increased the connection audience felt with Rocky’s journey. Stallone does not like Rocky 5 very much. In fact, when he shared his collection, the last 2 movies were missing, which drew a lot of angry reactions from fans.


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Sylvester Stallone shares amazing fan art: fans react

Sylvester Stallone shared a fan art of Rocky 5 on his social media account, and his fans couldn’t contain their excitement. Fans flooded the comment section with praise and admiration for both the actor and the franchise he helped create.

One fan, stallion22tony, called the artwork “beautiful” and praised the artist’s ability to capture the heart and soul of a Rocky scene.


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Another fan, rockybalboa_, declared Rocky the best, he wrote, “Amazing movie! rocky untied everything that was left in the basement!”.


Kellykel22 expressed her appreciation for Stallone’s ability to bring heart and soul into his Rocky movies. She compared it to the Creed franchise, saying that it lacked the same level of storytelling and heart.

One fan account, sly.stallone.philadelphia, commented on the post, saying, “Yo Sly, this is just beautiful! John always manages to capture the magic that you created in ROCKY 🇮🇹👊🥊”

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Joanneyee shared her love for the emotional scene in Rocky 5. She wrote, “OMG it kills me every time to see Rocky in pain like that!”. She praised the artist for creating another great piece and added, “❤️ Another great piece @john_rivoli ! 🥊❤👊”


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Finally, therockyfiles called the artwork “absolutely fantastic” and applauded the artist’s work.

Overall, Stallone’s fans shared their love and admiration for him and the Rocky franchise through their reactions to the fan art.


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