Once Under 3-Decade Boxing Ban, Libyan Fans Receive Huge Surprise from Mike Tyson

Published 02/22/2024, 4:04 AM EST

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Boxing is a sport that brings about an adrenaline rush to every sect of people, regardless of their backgrounds. To deprive people of the benefits they can derive from the sport is harsh and unjust. But what better way to welcome it back into your country than with the legendary Iron Mike Tyson? Tyson revealed great news this week when he announced his coming to Libya.

Fans are excited as a new dawn ushered itself in after the sport’s legal recognition and approval. Certainly, their excitement was only fueled more by the news of Tyson attending the event. The legendary boxer announced this news on his Instagram. Let us see what he had to say.

Mike Tyson advertises himself for a Libyan boxing event


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Tyson started by saying, “Hey boxing world, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be in Benghazi, Libya, attending the big big boxing event.” mentioning the place of his presence, Benghazi, which happens to be the second most populous city in Libya. Tyson continued, ” It’s going to be so cool. It’ll be March the 1st and it’s going to be broadcast all over the world on Fight Nation,” announcing the date of the event. He also mentioned his excitement about meeting Benghazi fans.


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The event is being hosted by Fight Nation, which has hosted many significant events in the past. With Boxing being unbanned just now after almost 47 years, the boxers of Libya are trying to bring the sport back to life. So, this event is a big step towards the progress of the country. Despite only just being unveiled as a legal sport, the nation has had its roots ingrained in the sport.


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How did Libya encourage the sport again?

There was once a point in time when Libya had a few very promising boxers. The one that stood out the most among them was Giubran Zugdani. Zugdani was seen shaking hands with the greatest, Muhammad Ali. However, shortly after Zugdani competed in the 1976 Olympics, Muammar Gaddafi, the former leader of Libya, outlawed the sport, and Zugdani, along with a generation of other gifted boxers, vanished from view forever.

57-YO Mike Tyson Warned of Eating “Plastic Food” by Concerned Fans


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Over four decades, training sessions were donned in covert locales as the men stowed their gloves meticulously and with caution. They waited for the right moment to box in the open once more. But, once permission was granted by the government for boxing to be legal again, many notable boxers joined in to celebrate the sport.

How do you think boxing will progress in Libya? Will we see the growth of some world title contenders out of the place? What do you make of the fact that Tyson will attend the boxing event? Do let us know your thoughts.


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