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Oscar De La Hoya had a query to raise. It didn’t take much for the Olympic gold medalist to post it online. If only his poser had hit the target. As it appeared, not taking lightly to his line of question, many followers updated rather resorted to square-shooting, calling the matter what it is.

On March 30, headlined by the Tim Tszyu and Sebastian Fundora fight, PBC put on a grand show at the T-Mobile Arena. More significantly, it was the first pay-per-view boxing broadcast by Amazon Prime after signing the multi-year deal with PBC. It’s been over a week; hence, many appear curious about the number of pay-per-views sold.

‘The Golden Boy’ asked, “Can anyone tell me how many PPV the pbc show did? I can’t seem to find any news on it.” Whether out of genuine curiosity or not, the former world champion and now-ace promoter received some pretty straightforward responses.


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Apart from Tim Tszyu and Sabastian Fundora’s title fight, the event featured a championship bout between Rolando Romero and Isaac Cruz. Then, while Ersilandy Lara had to defend his middleweight title against Michael Zerafa, Julio Cesar Martinez and Angelino Cordova had to settle the WBC flyweight argument.

Outside of these world title fights, the show had nearly half a dozen other undercard clashes. However, it remains doubtful whether all the cards were aired.

Oscar De la Hoya: The Numbers Too Hot to Handle

‘Before pointing fingers at others, take a look at yourself,’ that was the vibe most of the replies gave off. De La Hoya fended off a typical cheeky comment. But then the overall chain of responses appears way too long.

This user stated it matter-of-factly. Oscar De La Hoya should pay attention to what’s happening at his end. Barring exceptions such as Ryan Garcia and Jaime Munguia, there are hardly any details available about boxers from Golden Boy Promotions, the user said.

Then, according to the next user, probably the pay-per-view sales of the March 30 PBC show could be equivalent to the number of tickets thus far sold for the Garcia-Haney fight.

Then this follower believes that De La Hoya should rather be concerned about promoting the upcoming fight on April 20 than bothering himself with a past PBC event.

Boxing observer Ray Jackson, though, mentioned that, per the sources he knows, it sold somewhere around 175,000 PPVs.

Then this boxing channel cited Rick Glaser. So according to the Hall of Fame boxing matchmaker, the pay-per-view sales of the Tim Tszyu-Sebastian Fundora headline could be well below fifty thousand. The channel, however, purports to be near thirty-two thousand.


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It’s been ten days since Amazon Prime aired the boxing PPV. As of now, concrete information related to the actual pay-per-view purchases remains largely absent. Hence, any numbers stated could be purely speculative.

Nevertheless, Oscar De La Hoya has a big fight in hand next week. The fight is happening on the East Coast at Barclays Center in New York. Hence, it would be interesting to check how many folks from the West Coast, from where, incidentally, both boxers come, would be keen to fly just to view the show. Similarly, if gate numbers go down, where it will have a cascading effect or proportional effect on PPV buys also needs to be seen.

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What’s your take? What would be your estimate for the March 30 PPV numbers? Please share the details with us in the comments below.

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