Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson: 4 Absurd Rumors That Broke the Internet

Published 04/02/2024, 12:11 PM EDT

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It’s Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson, and, of course, the rumor mill has been relentlessly churning out stories since the day the fight was announced. Yes, you heard it right. The fight is real, but everything else remains shrouded in mystery. The undercard, the rules, and whether it’s a pro fight or another dancing-and-hugging exhibition affair have yet to be officially confirmed. But it hasn’t stopped hot rumors from taking off and shocking the boxing world. So, which lies became buzzing points and fooled the fans?

Notably, ‘The Problem Child’ is ready to elevate his career against ‘Iron Mike’ on July 20 at AT&T Stadium. The event will mark Netflix’s venture into live combat sports. But there is no official word on how the fight will be played out. Derek Chisora had hinted at a grand sparring session. But was it true?

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson: Headgear and bigger gloves spoil the fun


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The British boxer’s statement spread like fire when he disclosed that the Paul vs. Tyson affair would deploy 18-ounce boxing gloves and safety headgear. Both decisions were supposed to keep Tyson, 57, safe. The same would have kept Paul, 27, from sustaining serious injuries from Tyson’s nasty punches.


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Heavier gloves and headgear would have turned the much-anticipated event into a glorified training season in front of 85,000 viewers. This report left a foul taste in their mouth and only attracted flak. However, Paul’s business partner, Nakisa Bidarian, soon clarified the situation on Instagram. Bidarian declared that there was no headgear for Paul vs. Tyson.

Moreover, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TLDR) hasn’t sanctioned the fight yet. So there are still questions about the rules under which Paul and Tyson will exchange blows. That has left room for another set of conspiracies, which suggest no one might leave the arena as a clear winner.

A fight with no winner unless one lies flat on the canvas

What perplexed fans the most was how the winner was to be decided on that fateful night. Some social media posts announced that no judges would score the fight. As a result, there was no winner unless there was a knockout. Tela Mange, Communications Manager for TDLR, told USA TODAY Sports that an exhibition fight in Texas usually opts for heavier boxing gloves, shorter 2-minute rounds, and no judges.

The image of Paul and Tyson fighting it out with no probable result baffled many fans. They grew skeptical about whether to shell out money for the fight or not. Dan Rafael came to their rescue and explained that various aspects of Paul vs. Tyson are not chalked out yet. It all boils down to how TDLR sees the fight and whether green lights the fight as an exhibition affair or a pro-fight. TDLR might consider how much damage Tyson can endure at such an age, and the recently resurfaced visuals of the former champ might cloud their minds.

Mike Tyson’s health complexities: using a cane and wheelchair

When Paul vs. Tyson got an official date, the visuals of Tyson in deteriorating conditions made rounds on the internet. The fans grew concerned about the images of the New York native walking in a cane at a UFC event and in a wheelchair at an airport. Not only did Tyson have hip issues, but he also suffered from sciatica.

However, those troubling pictures predate 2024, and Tyson has gradually achieved peak physical fitness. He is rearing to step into the square circle. But that’s not the end of his torment. He might have to qualify for some specific tests, and a failure might hamper his fight with Paul.

Failing medical tests would pull the plug on ‘Iron Mike’s comeback hopes

TDLR’s Mange had listed that fighters over 36 have to submit positive reports after undergoing EEG and EKG tests. While EEG evaluates brain disorders, EKG detects heart problems. In addition, TDLR might subject Tyson to some additional tests. A failure might stop the former heavyweight boxer from putting his professional record on the line, and in the worst case, a total cancellation of the bout.


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But as per TDLR, these tests will decide whether they will allow both fighters to fight a professional fight with 3-minute rounds and with judges scoring the contest. In adverse results, they might alter the contest rules, something they already did when Tyson met Roy Jones Jr. in 2020. The high-voltage event is still almost 4 months away, and there is ample time to figure out the intricacies. Meanwhile, there might be a new rumor floating around tomorrow that will shock the internet and the boxing community.

What do you make of these rumors circulating about Mike Tyson and Jake Paul’s fight? Let us know in the comments below.


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