Can Jaron 'Boots' Ennis' youth and power outclass the experience of David Avanesyan in the ring?

The welterweight division aches for an enforcer after Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. have moved up, seeking a new challenge. When you look at the current crop of fighters at 147, only one name stands out: Jaron Ennis. And he is eager to take the throne for himself. The American boxer has dispatched every foe he has faced, but his worth is always weighed on scales, with ‘Bud’ sitting on the other balancing side. Will he finally replace and surpass Crawford?

Finally, a perfect opportunity has fallen into ‘Boot’s lap. He makes a much-awaited homecoming and defends the IBF title against veteran David Avanesyan at the Wells Fargo Center. Will the IBF champion make the most of it, or will the cracks in his game be laid bare to the boxing world? The fans will find it this Saturday, but before that, let’s have a look at how the two boxers stack up.

Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis vs. David Avanesyan: Tale of Tape


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Notably, his explosive and fan-friendly style swayed fans and made Ennis a household name. The Philadelphia native never shies away from turning on the heat and bringing the fight to his opponents. At 27, you can imagine he is only entering his prime years and has already rushed to an unblemished record of 31-0 with 28 KOs. It’s impressive, isn’t it? That’s not it. Ennis’ KO ratio of 90% encapsulates what he represents inside the ring, a fearsome knockout artist.

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In addition, the fans witness him utilizing his dimensions to the fullest, as he stands tall at 5’10” (178 cm) and has a reach of 74″ (188 cm), which allows him to reach his competitors first and impose his will. So, there is little that you can do to escape him. How will Avanesyan deal with such a force of nature? The Russian boxer is more experienced at 35 and has had his fair share of a tumultuous career, which spans 25 fights over 15 years. And if you look at his record of 30-4-1 with 18 KOs, you will put him a tad short of the elites.

However, Avanesyan has what it takes to topple anyone with his brutal power, which is reflected in his KO ratio of 60%. But the challenger cedes the ground in size, as he measures only 5’8″ (173 cm) and has a reach of 68.5″ (174 cm). Will Avanesyan struggle against Ennis or will his experience come to his rescue? Will his power level the playfield?

Prediction: X factor and where will the fight be won?

When ‘Ava’ fought Crawford in 2022, the latter stopped him inside 6 rounds. Ennis wants to do better than Crawford and use his performance against Avanesyan as a yardstick to turn the narrative in his favor. But the champion should be mindful. Why? It took Avanesyan a year to get back into the ring, and when he did, he made quick work of Serge Ambomo. The Nottinghamshire resident prefers to put pressure and unload his heavy-hitting punches. But his small size might be a hindrance, and he also has a static head, which might cause him some trouble.

So, what is Avanesyan’s X factor that might turn the fight on its head? It’s his skill at inside fighting. You shouldn’t underestimate his size and his power, as he can finish the fight fighting inside the pocket. The welterweight fighter always has been a big puncher, and all his big wins came early into the fight. If you are expecting an upset, you need to follow the initial rounds closely, as the former WBA champion will come out all guns blazing.


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You can expect Ennis to handle that well because he is a versatile boxer. He has a good in-ring IQ, along with power behind his punches. But where he edges out with the others is his precision. That’s a rare quality that doubles up as his X factor. However, he also has holes in his game, as he leaves himself open to be hit. His last fight with Roiman Villa proved to be a tough night in the office, as he found himself on the receiving end of a beatdown until he turned the tables and secured a knockout in the final rounds.

If a similar pattern follows in his fight with Avanesyan, the challenger has all the tools to exploit his weakness. You add to the mix his year-long layoff and ring rust, and it can be a touch-and-go scenario. Avanesyan is the hardest hitter he has faced to date, and a lot hinges on his skills to come out on top of whatever the challenger throws at him. Will it be an easy fight for Ennis? Definitely not. But for fans, it’s going to be an exciting fight, with fireworks on offer.


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What do you make of this coming fight between Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis and David Avanesyan? Who do you think will leave the arena with the gold strap on July 13? Let us know in the comments below.