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Despite Split, Gervonta Davis Blasts Fan Belittling Floyd Mayweather With Manny Pacquiao Comparison In Now Deleted Tweet

Published 03/07/2023, 2:43 PM EST

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Gervonta Davis is a young rising star in the world of boxing. With his impressive skills as a boxer, such as his exceptional speed, the punching power which helped him KO 26 opponents in the ring, and the agility that allows him to dodge quickly, Gervonta has proved himself to be dangerous inside the boxing ring. These skills allow him to outclass other fighters in his weight class. Legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather had taken Davis under his wing, promoted, and mentored him since 2015. He was under Mayweather’s promotions until 2022. In order to get a bigger payday, Gervonta Davis made the decision to promote himself.

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In a tweet, Gervonta Davis called out a fan for belittling Floyd Mayweather by making a comparison with another legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao in a tweet. Gervonta Davis berated the fan for sending unnecessary hatred toward Mayweather.  It might be interesting for the readers to note that Mayweather’s son put up an uncanny post on Instagram to take a sly dig at Davis for leaving his father’s promotion company.

The tweet in question


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In the since-deleted tweet, Gervonta Davis blasted a fan for mocking Floyd’s record. The tweet, by MIGHTYMax, disparaged Mayweather’s legacy of a 50-0 record in professional boxing. It said that it isn’t as good as Manny Pacquio being a champion in eight weight classes.

The fan wrote, “Floyd Mayweather going 50-0 ISN’T as impressive as Manny Pacquiao being an 8-weight champion.”


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Gervonta showed the respect he holds for Floyd by simply replying to the tweet by saying, “Please shut the F**k up.

However, Gervonta since then has deleted his tweet.

Manny Pacquiao is a legendary boxer who achieved an incredible feat in the sport. He has won twelve major world titles across eight weight divisions, making him the only boxer in history to do so. While his record is more than impressive, it does not deny or diminish Floyd’s greatness in any way.

Floyd has an undefeated professional record, he even defeated Manny Pacquiao. His defense was considered exceptional. Speed-wise, Floyd was incredibly fast and agile in the ring. He is also a master at counterpunching and has the ability to deliver punches with pinpoint accuracy. His ring IQ was unmatched. He could read his opponents very well, which gave him an edge during the fight. All of these factors helped him solidify his place as one of the greatest.

How did Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather drift apart?

In early 2015, Gervonta Davis met Floyd Mayweather Jr. at Adrien Broner’s training camp. Later that year, Davis signed up with Mayweather Promotions. Last year, Davis decided to leave Mayweather Promotions on good terms to promote his fights with his preferred team.

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The split between Mayweather and Davis may have been triggered by an inconsistency in the number of fights Davis has per year. Mayweather Promotions’ boss Leonard Ellerbe stated that there were things going on in Davis’s life that affected his ability to be the best he could be.


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Mayweather previously wished Davis well and said that he loves  Davis and sees him like a son.

Davis may be taking a risk by gambling on his career outside Mayweather Promotions. But he may succeed, just as Mayweather did when he left Top Rank to start his own promotional venture. It is now known worldwide as Mayweather Promotions.


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