If you thought boxing bouts only had slick and fast action and fireworks, then you are wrong. It seems boxing fights have exhilarating action that spills over, and this time, a referee had to bear the brunt of it. You ask anything, and it was on offer when Keyshawn Davis took on Miguel Madueno at Shakur Stevenson vs. Artem Harutyunyan, drawing hilarious reactions from the fans.

Davis, 25, had the perfect opportunity to throw his name into the mix for title conversation at 135, and he didn’t let it slide. The American boxer put on a complete performance, as he worked Madueno’s body, unleashed jabs to maintain the distance, and cruised to a dominating victory as he swept the judged scorecards. The scorecards, after a grueling battle of 10 rounds, read 99-91 (x3) in Davis’ favor.

The fans not only witnessed Davis’ boxing prowess, but they also questioned the game plan employed by Madueno, who seemed to have resorted to clinching on multiple occasions. However, what caught their eye amidst some dirty and rough sequences was what transpired after the end of the sixth round.


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After Davis and Madueno had a heated sixth round, the two continued to throw verbal sludge, even after the bell. While the referee tried to separate them, his efforts proved futile, and amidst soaring tensions, Davis punched Madueno. Madueno wanted to return the favor, but he unfortunately could only find the temple of the referee as he tried to reach Davis’ head. The visuals of Madueno’s left doing a number on the referee and their animated exchange after that made the rounds on the internet, evoking comical responses from fans and pros.

The referee had the worst of it at Keyshawn Davis vs. Miguel Madueno

One fan believed that the referee deserved a bump after he oversaw the fight, where Davis and Madueno resorted to clinching, unloading punches at the break, and turning the boxing match into an ugly affair. They declared, “Ref deserves a bonus after this fight.”

One user pointed out that Madueno’s left hook almost did a number on the referee, as he wobbled on his feet and later confronted the boxer for his illegal action. They announced, “the ref almost got dropped.”

Someone noted the lack of power behind Davis’ punches. While ‘The Businessman’ dictated the pace of the fight, dominating every round and working up Madueno, he couldn’t drop him once to the canvas. They emphasized, “Keyshawn whooping him he just need more power.”

Similarly, a comment read, “Big drama even the referee eat some punches.”

Jamel Herring, calling the fight “wild,” referenced all the unconventional things he witnessed in the fight. He expressed, with disbelief, “This fight is wild. Referee getting smacked up, takedowns, gorilla press slams, etc.”

Rosie Perez wondered and questioned why the referee didn’t deduct points from Madueno. She wrote, “Why the ref didn’t take a point for getting b*tch slapped is crazy to me!”


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The Hollywood actress, being critical of the referee’s actions and his officiating, called him out for not noting the back-of-the-head punches in the fight. She announced, “WTH! All those illegal back of the head punches the Ref isn’t calling got me screaming inside!”


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While Davis’ win failed to create buzz, he put the 135-pound division on alert. The Norfork native bagged a comprehensive win and now finds himself a win or two away from a title shot. Meanwhile, Madueno goes back to the drawing board.

What do you make of this exciting fight at Shakur Stevenson vs. Artem Harutyunyan? Who do you think Keyshawn Davis should fight next? Let us know in the comments below.