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Reporter Who Got Fired for Insulting Nate Diaz Gets Scorched by Drake

Published 05/11/2023, 9:00 AM EDT

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Jake Paul and Nate Diaz just got done with their first Official Press Conference on May 9th for the boxing fight scheduled on Aug 5th, 2023. The bout will last for eight rounds and the venue of the fight will be the home turf of the Dallas Mavericks, American Airlines Center. Both fighters will face each other in the ring at the agreed catchweight of 185 lbs. The whole conference was going quite smoothly, as there was mutual respect between both fighters, except for one particular instance. And it’s going viral on every social media platform and has become quite a big deal now.

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The comments made by Derek Sullivan in the press conference about Nate Diaz’s brother, Nick Diaz, caused this whole uproar. And Nate had to put the reporter of Jake Paul’s company, Betr Media, in his place after such vile comments about his brother. Jake Paul stated that he’ll deal with Derek after the conference was over. Even Drake jumped into the matter and stood in support of the former UFC fighter, Nate Diaz.

Drake comes in support of Nate Diaz against Jake Paul’s employee


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In the press conference, Derek Sullivan came up with his question for Nate Diaz. He then started to degrade Nick Diaz. Derek asked, “Uhm I just wondering if you think I could fight your brother, Nick, if he was anything like you, I think I’d beat his f**king a**.

Now this was meant to be an attempt by Derek to troll the Diaz brothers in a funny way, but it all went down, as Nate wasn’t happy about such comments made for his brother. “Brother what’re you just gonna walk around the streets or some sh*t? You know my homeboys see you right now. That was stupid, huh?“. Moreover, Nate Diaz also walked out of the press conference, which left Jake Paul quite embarrassed.


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Now after this Paul intervened and stated that he’ll fire Derek later, and apologized to Nate Diaz on behalf of his employee. And the famous rapper, Drake, on his Instagram Story posted the segment of this clip. And here he stated that this is exactly what’s going wrong with this generation. He wrote a caption in his Story, “Man why would u play with a real g,” then he further wrote, “This is a weak generation.

But Sullivan didn’t stop there, as he called out even Drake for a boxing fight in his latest video uploaded by Betr on their Twitter handle.

Betr Media reporter also wants to fight Drake now

In the video, Derek apologized for his question and he also made it clear that he understands what he said was insulting and he regrets saying something like that. So he asked for forgiveness from his boss, Jake Paul, and then he also apologized to Nate Diaz. And he even asked Nate a favor as he said, “Nate, please don’t hurt me…


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But right after that, he switched up his tone and reveals how he has sent a fighting contract to Nick Diaz, anyway. So he showed perseverance to fight the older Diaz brother. But then he said something unexpected as he called out Drake for his Instagram Story about him.

Derek said, “Well if you got a f**king problem, then see me in the goddamn ring, Drizzy.” Now since his video was uploaded on Betr’s social media handle, it’s safe to say that Derek hasn’t been fired yet. So, he tried to redeem himself by apologizing for his actions.


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