Ryan Garcia Opens Up About His Career Plans After Boxing

Published 03/28/2023, 3:33 PM EDT

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The fight between two best undefeated lightweight boxers Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia is drawing close to the fateful night. They are scheduled to face one another on April 22nd in Las Vegas. Both of the fighters have a similar record, with Davis having won all 28 of his fights and Garcia holding 23 victories under his belt. Their 12 rounds-bout is surely going to be one of the biggest matches this year. Boxing legends Mike Tyson and Devin Haney both believe Davis has the advantage, but acknowledge Garcia’s punching speed.

With all of these happenings, Garcia has the attention of the whole world on him, but the 24-year-old has not let all the fame and success get to his head. He has shown surprising wisdom for his age. Ryan Garcia recently showed his far-sightedness as he revealed his future plans after boxing. He shared his plans in a recent podcast on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talks.

Ryan Garcia shares his plans after boxing


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Ryan Garcia recently appeared on Bradley Martyn‘s Raw Talks podcast, where he discussed his future plans beyond boxing.

When asked about his post-boxing career plans, Garcia admitted that he has thought about it and believes that he could become a speaker.


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He said, “I just feel like maybe down the road I could be some type of speaker. Some type of speaker, something, and I’ll fall into a realm of that”.

While he acknowledges that he is still focused on his boxing career, he believes that he has the potential to be successful in other areas.

During the conversation, Martyn praised Garcia for his intelligence and emotional intelligence, saying, “I remember thinking like, ‘wow, this f**king, this kid is smart, very smart’. Obviously smart to get to this point, but social and all the things you’ve done. Great fighter, gotta have IQ smart in that sense as well. But, like emotionally and spiritually smart, and I was really impressed by that”. Martyn believes that Garcia has something special that goes beyond boxing.

Overall, Garcia seems to have a clear idea of what he wants to do after boxing. He is already thinking about how to transition into a new career.

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Mike Tyson changes his prediction of the Garcia-Davis fight


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As the upcoming catchweight fight between Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Ryan Garcia draws closer, boxing icon Mike Tyson has changed his mind about his previous forecast of Tank winning. Garcia’s appearance on his podcast changed Tyson’s opinion of Garcia. Tyson thinks that Garcia might be able to beat Davis, even though Davis is still the favorite among most boxing fans.

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Despite Garcia’s recent inactivity, Tyson was amazed by Garcia’s charisma and conversation skills during the podcast. Garcia has only fought for six rounds in the last year and has to lose weight for the bout. He said that Garcia captivated the entire studio and left everyone thinking about his chances


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While Davis is still expected to win, opinions are divided, with some fans believing Garcia could pull off an upset. The fight is set for April 22 and will be available to watch on DAZN.


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