Ryan Garcia’s Payout for Devin Haney Fight to Exceed ‘$50 Million’ After $2 Million Bet Pays Off Big

Published 04/22/2024, 3:21 PM EDT

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Winner and richer, that’s how Ryan Garcia went home after his big win. While he was seen as an underdog by many critics, he was confident to come out on top against Devin Haney. So much so, that he bet on himself, and boy did it pay off big time. Already slated to bag a significant amount before the fight, Garcia added to his earnings after emerging as the winner.

Garcia’s erratic behavior which hinted at an alcohol issue was a spectacle the world saw every day in the lead-up to the fight. But that could all have been a smoke screen as ‘The Dream’ remained composed, calm, professional, and devoted to his camp.

Ryan Garcia’s big gamble pays off


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On Instagram, the 25-year-old shared a carousel of images that he hinted he may have staged the entire pre-fight fiasco where he appeared unhinged and out of sorts. One of the images he shared was a tweet that highlighted that Garcia may have projected himself as the underdog with the odds of him winning the fight low due to him “pretending to be drunk and high” in the build-up.

In the caption, Garcia wrote, “If you bet, BET ON YOURSELF… on top of what we made. EATING GOOD…About 50 million ( probably more )in one night not too shabby…I will let God guide me on how to use this money Amen…” According to the images he shared Garcia bet $2 million on himself and netted $10 million after winning the fight due to him being a massive underdog.

While he did not directly confirm how much he had won in total, he did assert that he took the bet. Furthermore, he revealed that his total payout for the matchup was about $50 million or even more. His promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, had earlier revealed that Garcia was set to earn an assured purse split of about $30 million and double that if he won the fight. Notably, this alleged bet wasn’t the only one he made before the fight.


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Before the fight, Garcia had agreed to pay Haney $500,000 for every pound he weighed over the limit of 140. During the weigh-in, Garcia was 3.2 pounds over the 140 limit and as a result, he ended up paying Haney $1.5 million. But given the reported winnings from the bet and his massive payout from the fight, he has more than covered his loss.

While Garcia took the big win home, his victory was also the reason why some other folks got richer. For instance, Adin Ross also won big bucks after betting on Garcia

KingRy wins and Adin Ross gets richer


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Jake Paul’s betting platform Betr posted visuals of the YouTube streamer Adin Ross nervously awaiting the results of Haney vs. Garcia. As soon as the announcer of the fight, Joe A. Martinez called Garcia’s major upset, Ross celebrated fervently. It signaled that Ross had won major money in the fight.

The betting platform later confirmed the speculation as they wrote how much he had won along with the video. The caption read, “Adin Ross wins $5,000,000 on Ryan Garcia.” 

Despite Garcia’s unwavering self-confidence fueling his certainty of victory, both he and Ross gambled heavily. What motivated Ross to back the underdog in this matchup? The odds were stacked against Garcia, with Haney sitting comfortably as the favorite at -700, while Garcia was a distant challenger at +500.


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Still, this raises the contentious issue of fighters betting on themselves ahead of a big bout. For now, Garcia can celebrate his win after having convinced nearly everyone that he wasn’t up for the fight.

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