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“Shame on Target”: Ryan Garcia Goes on a Tirade Against Retail Giant For Their LGBTQ Advertising

Published 05/26/2023, 4:48 PM CDT

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At this point, Ryan Garcia’s faith in Christianity is very well known. Garcia grew up in a Catholic home and the influence of its teaching can still be seen now. He recently even quoted a verse from ‘Proverbs 24:16’ after his loss against Gervonta Davis. Prior to their fight, Gervonta Davis even mocked him for calling himself a ‘saint’He was even candid about his faith during the recent episode of ‘IMPAULSIVE’ podcast.

He reflected on his faith in his most recent tweet as well,  sharing his disappointment towards a retail company.

Target, the billion dollars retail company, has recently found itself in hot waters. Garcia ranted against the company for its stance regarding LGBTQ-friendly advertising directed at kids, in a recent tweet. He referenced a verse from ‘The Bible”, to justify his stance.


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Ryan Garcia goes on a Twitter rant against the retail giant

Ryan Garcia took to Twitter to express his disappointment towards Target in regard to their most recent controversy. In a passionate tweet, he condemned the company, stating, Shame on target. He further added, “They pulled that artwork in the kids section bc they seen nobody is falling for the demonic attack on the kids!!!”

King Ry also expressed his concern for his children along with other kids as he vowed to not remain silent. He wrote, “They are innocent, I got kids and I’m not going to let that just be done. At least I’m not going to be quiet”.


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Garcia‘s tweet hinted at his conviction by referencing Matthew 18:6. It’s a biblical verse that warns against causing harm to innocent children. By invoking this passage, he emphasized the significance of his stance and implied that Target’s actions were morally objectionable.


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Social media triggers boycott campaign against Target’s LGBTQ-friendly clothing line for kids

Target has recently suffered a huge financial loss and is being criticized heavily. Social media users even launched a boycott campaign against the company. This all took place because of their “PRIDE” collection for children, promoting LGBTQ-friendly clothing. However, this has come back to bite them after their market value plummeted by a shocking $9 billion. Their market value has dropped reportedly from $74.3 billion to $65.3 billion.


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Target has since responded to the backlash and announced the removal of certain products which were being criticized the most. Moreover, Target CEO Brian Cornell has acknowledged the need to make some adjustments due to the current circumstances. Previously, he had defended LGBTQ-friendly merchandise. However, given the backlash they are currently facing, it seems imperative for them to take a step back. What do you think about the situation? Do share your thoughts in the comments.



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