Shane Mosley Reveals How His Kid Made Him Jake Paul’s Trainer

Published 02/23/2024, 8:00 AM EST

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After tasting defeat for the first time in his professional boxing career against Tommy Fury, Jake Paul made a bold move. He’s decided to switch up his training camp and reunite with his former coach, the legendary Shane Mosley. Paul’s split-decision loss to Fury in Saudi Arabia’s last fight marked a turning point in his boxing journey.

Since his defeat, Paul has taken part in two fights and won both of them. He defeated Nate Diaz via unanimous decision, while he managed to deliver a first-round KO against Andre August. So, Mosley’s tutelage is really coming in handy for the Youtuber-turned-boxer. In a video, Mosley has talked about his journey from not knowing about Jake Paul to training him.

A dream that came true


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Jake Paul will be squaring up against Ryan Bourland with Shane Mosley standing strong by his side. Ahead of the fight, DAZN Boxing covered the life of Jake Paul and even had Shane Mosley talking about his experience training the new guy in the sport.


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Mosley talked about how his kids forced him to arrange a meetup with him. He stated, “We started with my kids saying that they want to go by Jake’s house in Hollywood. And we was like, ‘What? We’re not going to go by Jake’s house.’ And they’re like, ‘No no there’s kids and people outside waiting to to see him all the time. So you can go by there and he does love- he loves boxing.’

Mosley kept on talking, “Went by there and he looked at me, oh yeah bring him in. So I walked in and met Jake, that was the pretty much the beginning of us connecting with each other.” In the past, Mosley has also mentioned how he was able to convince Paul to come under his wing. He first held Paul’s hand before his fight against AnEsonGib.

Mosley still remembers when Paul decided to be a “real fighter”


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After Paul split apart from BJ Flores, he knew he had to fall back on Shane Mosley for his upcoming fights. Well, even in the beginning, ‘Sugar’ promised him that he would elevate his level to a real fighter rather than just being a YouTube boxer. So, ahead of the Nate Diaz fight, Mosley took the fans down memory lane and talked about his very first interaction with ‘The Problem Child’.

Mosley said, “He said he really likes boxing, we just showed up to his house and if you like boxing you know who I am. We started talking, I thought he was a really bright guy, he was about 21 years old.” Furthermore, he continued, “I said ‘You like boxing? You need to give me a call, I have a gym and I can show you how to be a real fighter. Not just a YouTuber playing around, how to be a real fighter.


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Then the rest is history! Jake understood that this is where he belongs and this is what he wants to do further in his life. What are your thoughts about this? Tell us in the comments section.


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